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  1. Many thanks for reply. I have copied and pasted the case law used by the Judges in the Uber case into my county court claims, will keep th eforum informed of developments. Thanks any comments and advice appreciated
  2. Thanks for reply. There are plenty of precedents you just need to read the Judges Uber ruling to see the cases the Judges used to reach their decision. Hundreds of drivers are now using [removed] solicitors, GMB union and UPHD to reclaim thousands of pounds from Uber and Addison Lee and other PH Companies. I would urge all drivers reading this to contact the above organizations for help to claim thousands back from these companies exploiting the drivers with no min wage, no sick pay, no hols pay, no pension. Case law is there for you to use in the Uber ruling good luck, don't give up, keep going and get what you are entitled too by law.
  3. Hello I would like to make a claim against several private hire companies in London on behalf of myself and other drivers and am looking for advice, after Uber lost their case and 19 drivers won their case me being one of the dr leighday.co.uk/News/News...-Tribunal-find judiciary.gov.uk/wp-cont...s-20161028.pdf Should i issue county court claim against the other private hire companies ( many drivers will qualify for reduced or no county court fees as their hourly pay is so low) or issue claim in employment tribunal? Thanks for any advice. I would prefer to use the Uber case and county court claim action to try and get the money asap as some private hire companies have gone bust (bounce, karhoo etc ) and some big ones insiders say are short of cash.
  4. Thanks for reply. Yes agreement to pay by 10 weekly installments after notice of enforcement. Yes still have car is worth just £350.
  5. Hello I had a parking ticket from the council and more fees added so was £240 and i agreed to pay £24 pw but missed 4th payment yesterday as changing job and forgot. And now had notice of attendance £500 total bill owed pushed through letterbox. Shall i ring and offer £50 pw , any advice appreciated
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