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  1. hi, me again. i decided to ignore all forms of contact from the company/ companies that were pressuring the "debt" and i thought it may have finally gone away. Today however i have received a letter from Spratt Endicott Solicitors. the letter has the usual content saying they are acting on behalf of the named client (Exercise4Less) Failure to respond within 7 days may result in legal proceedings "any claim resulting in proceedings will include additional costs payable to you. you should also note that if a judgement is obtained you may find it difficult to obtain credit from other sources as the judgement will be registered and remain on your file for 6 years" there is no name on the bottom of the leter and it is signed yours faithfully Spratt Endicott Is this just another front trying to scare people into making the payment? or is this the claim being escalated. The letter seems to be worded in a way that makes me think its not legit, just because of how its says may result in... Id love this just to go away for good. unfortunately ignoring it hasn't seemed to work yet thanks in advance for any help or further advise
  2. I don't know the exact date i joined. it was mid to late January this year though. i told them when i signed up it would only be for a couple of months I left in march and told the receptionist i would be doing so, although i received no confirmation she just said ok. the final DD came out the 24/03/2016. (well after i stopped using the gym) hopefully can get something sorted because the phone calls are getting more and more frequent. (i don't answer them but still annoying) thanks very much
  3. ok thanks. is there not something i can do to make this just go away. i work away and don't particularly want anyone coming to the door when I'm not there? also getting sick of the calls and texts thanks again
  4. hi again. iv been working away for a while now but managed to visit home this week. there was another 2 letters waiting for me from CRS the first on threatening legal action and issuing proceedings against me in county court the 2nd saying my account balance being passed to Zinc Group Ltd "one of the UK's leading providers of debt recovery solutions" what should i do to put an end to this? I'm still receiving numerous calls from random numbers but I'm currently working nights so i miss them all anyway? am i best sending a letter into them? Is there some sort of template http dx100uk you mentioned slick123? thanks very much
  5. Thanks Verbally, Unfortunately I have no proof of this or anything from the gym to confirm so... Im also currently getting numerous phone calls every day now from a rage of different numbers which is obviously them!
  6. Hi, Its my first time posting on here so bear with me. Iv seen a few different posts about this already but thought I would start a new one to see peoples thoughts. I signed up to exercise4less earlier in the year as I was working very near to one. (I work away from home for long periods of time). I signed up to the £14.99 monthly subscription instead of the £9.99 12 month one. And I explained when signing up I was a contractor working in the area and would only be around for a couple of months at most. I set up the direct debit and attended the gym for a couple of months as agreed, until I got finished from where I was working. Before I got finished I told them in the gym I would be leaving within a matter of weeks and wouldn’t be coming back for the foreseeable future. (Unfortunately I have nothing in writing or anything to proof this). I have since been working somewhere else and have rarely been home. However when I have been back I have found letters from Harlands saying I have missed a direct debit and then from CRS saying they have been passed my debt and are looking for £180 to settle it. Also said I only have 7 days to respond, which had already past by time I got home. From what I understand CRS and Harlands are the same people? And any charges they add on are both unlawful and don’t need to be paid? Im not intending on paying them a penny as iv not used the gym so I refuse to pay anything for it. What I would like to know is how I can make this go away? If I just ignore it will they finally give in or am I better off writing to them and if so what do I say? They have also started phoning and texting me saying I must contact them? Thanks in advance for any help
  7. I'm in the exact same situation at the moment? Am I best contacting them and having it out or just completely ignoring them? Thanks
  8. Hi again, I sent the letter you drafted as an email to them and am waiting in a letter from my manager confirming my change in location. Ashbourne have said that this is not enough as I need to have moved out of the area as well. I explained I will be moving away with the relocation. To which they have sad they will need proof in te form of utility bills again My permanent address is over 180 miles from the gym and the job I will be movin in to is 60 miles away. What would you suggest is the next step? Thanks very much
  9. Thanks a lot for a quick reply. the gym is LD Fitness in Stafford. and the contract is with Ashbourne Management Services. I sent the gym an email on the 26th september informing them i will be moving with work and would like to give a months notice. I have also sent emails and spoke to Ashbourne on the phone around the same date to inform them. to which they refused to take my notice without utility bills or a letter from my employer. This months DD came out today (1st of the month) and i have left this payment go out, as my final months notice payment. I would now like to cancel the DD as i will not be able to attend the gym after the next week or so. What should i do next, as Ashbourne seem reluctant to cancel the contract and have said the issue will progress to collections if i cancel the contract? Thank you very much
  10. Hello, i am currently in the same situation as above. I am moving due to work and have attempted to cancel my membership with Ashbourne. They are asking my to send in utility bills and various other documents which i have explained i do not have as i stay in rented accommodation with work while away and stay at my parents when I'm home. I have emailed explaining this and also explained that i told the gym all of this when i signed up and they agreed it would not be a problem. The gym told us, as we worked for a local company, and at the time there was 4 of us signing up together, they would offer us the discounted membership which was for 12 months, but stated once we moved away we would just need to give them a months notice and it would be cancelled. Ashbourne are now saying they were not there at the point of sale so are only going to stand by whats in the contract. I am at the point where i am tempted to just cancel my Direct Debit. I have spoke to them via email and one phone call but they are refusing to accept my months notice. Will cancelling the DD have a adverse affect on my credit rating? My main concern is that i will do more damage than good by just ring ahead and cancelling it?? Thanks very much
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