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  1. Wow thank you everyone for your help, sorry it has taken me a couple of days to thank you all. This is such a kind community. I will keep you posted on any outcome.
  2. Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I have a County Court claim against my ex employer. I previously won at the ET for a portion of some sick pay I was owed (company sick pay) but only because it fell within three months. I am pursuing some sick pay that I was due but wasn't paid within the last three years in the County Court, but the employer is now quoting res judicata as the ET judge had considered it but found no reason to award it as it was not in his jurisdiction. Is there any chance I might be right in thinking I can collect the money in the County Court where there is a jurisdiction as I'm within six years, even if it was mentioned in the ET? Bit confusing this, I would appreciate some guidance if possible. Thank you
  3. Thank you, I will give it a try and will let you know how I get on
  4. Hi Steampowered, Thank you for your reply, yes I will accept, but I was was wondering that as I do have a nice contract that I would be giving up, it includes enhanced company sick pay and holiday pay, would they take those into account as part of the settlement as it would take ages to build that up to where I was with another employer?
  5. Hi everyone, looks like I'm wearing them down, they've started offering settlements etc I just have a quick question though, I had an idea that if an employee had a contract with company sick pay this was a benefit and could be calculated as a loss if a redundancy/unfair dismissal situation came about. I was just wondering, how do you start calculating a loss like that? Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the advice, no this was a preliminary hearing where the judge struck out what I thought was something pretty straightforward. This has left me with a lesser claim to be heard at a full hearing in a couple of months. I think I will submit an appeal to the Court of Appeal to see if I can get an oral hearing, or get the struck out part put back into my original claim. You never know
  7. Hello everyone, thank you all for your help. I did lodge an appeal with the EAT but it was dismissed - the point they made was irrelevant to what I was trying to argue though. I have no option but to take it further, but if my chances are slim I may just call it a day. Pity I couldn't get an oral hearing. The decision at the original ET hearing was also a bit perverse in that my employer actually owned up in a letter to me, this is the vital evidence that was dismissed by the judge. Win some, lose some...
  8. Hi there, it is to the Court of Appeal, I just need a bit of guidance as to how to word the error in law, thank you very much
  9. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help to point me in the direction of any web resources that may help me construct a proper request for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal? It's the wording I'm having problems with as it's too easy to go into detail, but how much of it they want to read I don't know. My reason for appealing is for inadequate reasons (the judge dismissed vital evidence without giving any reason). It's the ET and it can only be on a point of law, this is my last chance so I need to get it right! Thank you in advance
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