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  1. Peopod I have read your thread with great interest as my son is now in the exactly the same position having his phone stolen in spain, used fraudulently and faces a vodafone bill of over £6000 His bill like your sons includes simultaneous calls to premium rate numbers to gambia bosnia and guinea and we too have had awful customer service from Vodafone spoken to many diffferent agents with many different unhelpful responses. We wrote to them and had an unsatisfactory response, have written to them again and are awaiting a response but today had a call from the debt collector who said Vodafone have passed case to them (vodafone never advised us!) and have till the end of October to pay before the credit rating is impacted. Your advise that Vodafone finally wiped your sons bill. Do you know why they agreed to do that in the end? Was it your continung lobbying?! or writing to your MP or newspaper... .any help or tips would be appreciated Grateful if you could advise asap Best regards
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