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  1. New one now HAMPTONS LEGAL Saying if do not pay could transfer to a debt collection agency?? I thought LOWELLS, RED DEBT Previous 2 solicitors were all DEBT AGENCIES?? Was in contact with LEE, he said would send form through last week, but he not bothered to send, he asked for address and then said address we gave was not on original contract, so I told him then the debt cannot be mine He wanted my date of birth and I said did not want to give it now he told me this, that was the last I heard from him
  2. Hi Lee, We have been to our son,s for a few days and have just seen your mail, as I said the signal where we live is diabolical. I will be in town Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday this week from 1.45 until 2., perhaps you could call me on this number....[removed]. Kind regards Sandra
  3. Ah thanks you two for that, much appreciated, I will try and contact lee again, I live in a village, the reception here is diabolical for phones, I did explain this to Lee, when he called it kept breaking up, but I expect he is a very busy person, as I said, I really appreciate your help and Thankyou again, Sandra
  4. Hi it,s been a while now, LEE never got back even though he said he would, new letter today saying make a lump sum offer or arrange for monthly payments, if not done in 14 days they are going to send our account to HAMPTONS LEGAL, as they have obtained our credit file from Credit Reference Agencies. Any advice please??
  5. dx, don't really understand that one thankyou. just got post today, got a nice shiny red one from RED debt collection services demanding I pay them £514.30!!!!! They don't want to give up, do they??
  6. We have been looking and have never had an account with EE LIMITED formerly T MOBILE, so why did T MOBILE themselves never send us anything regarding this so called debt? Does anyone think LOWELLS are trying it on, to get us to contact them regarding the ongoing problem with them, I do not need double whammy from them, having a headache waiting to sort first lot out!!!!
  7. Hi, just got back from spain, how strange is this, today we recieved a letter from T MOBILE about the assignment of my EE LIMITED (formerly traading as T MOBILE (UK) LTD. it states the debt I owe to them for sum of £23.12 outstanding on our account. It says on 30/09/2014 your account was sold to LOWELL PORTFOLIO LTD. It is essential all future payments, queries or correspondence regarding this account be directed to LOWELLS. In the same envelope a letter is in there from LOWELLS saying we owe £23.12. I have only got a pay as you go phone with T MOBILE not an account, if I had owed such a petty amount I would have paid it, it seems strange I have got this letter when I am having problems with LOWELLS AND RED DEBT at the moment!!!!!
  8. thankyou for that, lee called us a couple of days ago, but the village we live in is almost nil reception on mobiles, we explained we have no land line, and would be in town that day between 1.30 and 2.30 where reception is okay, he did,nt call us, so I expect he was busy or those times not convenient for him, we away now till the 19th.oct. visiting our son,(this was arranged a long time ago) so are they just scaremongering using RED COLLECTION??
  9. Another letter today from LOWELLS, this time they saying pay the £514.30 in next 10 days or they going to pass details to RED COLLECTION, we away now for 9 days!!!!
  10. Sorry lee, I thought mail was the one where you said thanks for notifying me, I have searched my inbox and spam again, but nothing from you is there, I assume from your mail you may have wanted me to answer a question/s for you, sandra
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