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  1. I've stopped payment anyway. Thanks for your responses, I'll just wait and see if they ever come back with anything
  2. There would be no PPI. Would trying to claim charges not be saying 'yes the debt is mine'?
  3. Hello, I'm after a little bit of advice please, I sent CCA requests to Cabot re three debts CC Bank of Scotland, no longer on credit file, 2 Barclaycards start dates 5/05 and 9/03 and Arrow Global re two debts, Shop Direct start date 5/13 and MBNA start date 10/06 From Cabaot I received 3 letters all the same advising they didn't have the original agreement and they would contact the original creditor and come back within 40 days? The 40 days will up on the 9th November. What is my next course of action, if any? From Arrow they have replied saying that they are not the creditor as I have stated and they will contact the original creditor requesting documentation, no time frame given. Again, what is my next course of action, if any? TIA
  4. Also I am a bit confused, I have just been onto my Equifax and Noddle accounts and one of the credit cards I am being chased for, the last letter I received was from FIRE 7/5/14. Original debt was with RSB, now with Cabot, but it does not show at all, anywhere!?!
  5. I have 4 old credit cards debts, pre April 2007, which are now with DCA's. I have sent them a letter requesting CCA's and I also wanted to check, whether am I still able to claim back the charges on these accounts? and if I am, who would I send the request to for a statement of charges? Thanks
  6. Thank you, I would like to get these cleared once and for all, if they are unable to provide the correct paperwork, what are the chances they will accept a full and final settlement?
  7. These letters are going out today, I just wanted to check, do they have 12+2 days to respond? My intention is to offer them a Full and Final Settlements, depending on their response, although all of the 4 credit card/catalogue debts were original taken out before April 2007 and are now with DCA's, so I am not expecting much of a response if any!
  8. Amazing, thank you!! I'll update when I get something, if anything back
  9. Thank both for your quick responses. Apologies for the stupid question, how do I know which Section I need to request the CCA under, 77/78/79?
  10. Hello, Could someone please point me in the right direction for the most up to date template for the CCA letter? Thank you!
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