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  1. The reason you were asked to pay by cheque was the new card machine for Churchbarn Autos had not arrived and if we had of used the old card machine Churchbarn Autos would not have received the payment and would have gone into Autosaves account. As regards the spare key we only received one key when we purchased the vehicle which we explained to you at the time. We have agreed to get another key for you but as we explained Metcedes need the log book before they can order a key We have managed to purchase a parcel shelf which has been paid for but has not yet arrived We will honour our o
  2. Churchbarn Autos Just to clarify that we have no association with the previous company Autosave owned by Paul Kearney and Patrick Skiba. We have no desire to institute legal proceedings against anybody but people who do not get the correct facts right must not be allowed to make comments that are incorrect. Mr Birkett was Autosave's salesman for a long period of time, and they had to let him go. We decided to offer him the same position and are thankful he did. We decided to keep the same web server and telephone number because Autosave have been there for 26 years and have sold an averag
  3. The website is on a monthly agreement with Aziza Media Autosave has cancelled their contract we decided to keep with the same server hope this answers your question
  4. I don't think I have any dealings with yourself and if you are that you note tested in our legal and financial position please call in ask for Brian and I will try to help with your queries
  5. I did not take it over. They went and we started a new company and we have every confidence in our ability and experience to hopefully run a successful business.
  6. A recorded delivery letter has been sent to Blackpool County Court informing them of the legal situation regarding Autosave and the new owners Churchbarn Autos. A new lease has been granted by the landlord Mr Steven Newall , new Vat number, new Bank Account with no connection to the previous owners . Mr John Birkitt left Autosaves employment and has been re employed by Churchbarn Autos. If anybody continues to make false accusations about it being the same company we will have no alternative but to put in the hands of a solicitor. We do not condone any action regarding Autosave but m
  7. Perhaps taken over is the wrong phrase 159 Highfield Road is a car sales business it is under new management which is Churchbarn Autos. Mr Skiba and Mr Kearny are no longer trading or have ANYTHING to do and are not connected in anyway to Churchbarn Autos.
  8. Autosave is no more the owners Paul Kearney and Patrick Skiba have walked away. They have nothing to do with Churchbarn Autos as it may be on the same premises and have the same telephone number and is linked from the website which is being worked on to get rid off Autosave,s web page. Mr John Birkitt was telling you the truth and as for the VAT number, it is a differnet number only for Churchbarn Autos so I suggest you get your facts right before slandering another company. I might add is doing the best and taking a lot of flack with the leaving of Mr Kearney and Skiba.
  9. Just to update you Church Barn Autos has nothing to do with Autosave Blackpool. the business was owned by Mr Patrick Skiba and Mr Paul Kearney they have walked away. The business has been taken over and is under new management . Yes it is the same premises and has the same telephone number but has nothing to do with the previous owners. John Birkitt the salesman has stayed on as he now employed by the new owner who has had over 40 years in the motor trade.
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