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  1. Please could someone advise me. I have a court hearing for Decemebrr and I am going to be out of the country visiting my daughter in Australia for 2 weeks. The hearing I had set aside is for a credit card debt which I do not recognise as mine - The company have failed to provide me with any original signed documents ( I was subject to identify theft so I have no idea what the £5,000 is for) I have phoned the court regarding changing the date and they say I have to ask the debt collectors to agree to this and ask them to write into the court - failing this I would need a hearing with the judge and make a request. I wonder if anyone can advise how to approach them as I feel they will not want to be helpful - if their previous attitude means anything. If I dont appear on the day they will just win the case so I am very stressed about this. Many thanks in advance
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