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  1. I want to warn people considering signing a guarantee with Travis Perkins that I believe they misuse these agreements against builders. They charged me nearly £2k for goods I did not order or use. I did not sign for them and they had no proof I ordered them. They claim that a former subcontractor of mine signed for them. I could not believe that I lost the case against them. Their claim against me was a dogs dinner. The judge's view seemed to be that big companies don't make mistakes. TP's legal department's most specific lie was to say that all orders are made by quoting a
  2. I have paid the Judgement amount in full of a court order within 7 days of the hearing. Is there anything else I need to do to avoid getting a ccj on my credit file? Do I have to apply for a certificate of satisfaction? Do I have to chase the creditor to tell the court?
  3. I just wondered whether I could use this letter against them. I can pay and it is importantant to me to avoid any judgement on my flawless credit file.
  4. Yes I was the Defendent. Yes £2100 included their costs, and court fee and interest. I am sure they were trying to reach an out of court settlement but they have not drafted the letter well. They do not say the offer expired at the court door, only that I had 14 days which I have fulfilled.
  5. Thank you Bandit 127. I am very precious about getting a ccj. Would they be able to register the judgement whilst I pursue the application for variation? I think the additon of "save for costs" added on to "without prejudice" means I can put it before a judge when liability has been established and costs are being decided.
  6. Thanks Vauban. The offfer letter says nothing about settling out of court or before the hearing. I think that was their intention but that is not the way they have drafted it. The last paragraph says "In the event you are not willing to accept the offer put forward to you and wish to proceed to trial, we reserve the right to present this letter before the Court on the question of costs and would be seeking a wasted costs order particularly if an adjournment is necessary." Can I not now put it before a judge to the costs down?
  7. As I understand it "without prejudice save as to costs" means that it cannot be used in the court hearing to establish liability but can when the liability is established an costs are being calculated.
  8. I have just lost a county court hearing against Travis Perkins builders merchant. The judgement amount is £2100. 10 days before the hearing TP wrote to me offering to settle at £1500 if I paid within 14 days. The letter is marked "without prejudice save as to costs". Their letter (sent to the wrong address) arrived just before the hearing. I did not take it with me to the hearing to hand to the judge (never thought I would lose!). I have now paid them 1500 the day after the hearing ie day 11 of the 14 days. "the said sum to be paid within 14 days from the date of this lett
  9. My depressing contribution is that I have just lost a county court hearing against TP in which one of my lines of defence was that the guarantee was not personal. The judge agreed with them that it was personal. I think they should have made it much clearer in the guarantee wording. Clearly the new form is an improvement.
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