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  1. I've managed to pay off most of my loans now and with two left the light is at the end of the tunnel. The final two companies owed money are Sunny and Peachy. I am loathe to compliment any PDL company yet I have to say that Sunny did the right and correct thing by allowing me to repay in reasonable installments and frozen interest and charges. Of course, it's only the start of repayment plan and these places are known for trying to change the goal posts. Peachy on the other hand... good grief.. they have to be the worst. The offer of repayments forwarded to their "Credit Commi
  2. Thanks all for your replies. I don't see why i shouldn't be getting JSA Contribution based. I've been working for the last 9 years and this is the first time I've been unemployed. I might as well move back home with my Mum then if my girlfriend's going to have influence in my claim?
  3. Hello I have been told I am not allowed to sign on to JSA, could anyone help me or clarify? I was let go at the end of December, I filled out the application online and got an appointment at my local office. I got there and we went through the application and she said I couldn't go any further as I live with my girlfriend's parents (and obviously my girlfriend) - she asked if we shared a bedroom or not too. Because my girlfriend works full time, I am apparently ineligible. We aren't married, been together about 12 months now. Not sure what to do, my money is drying up...
  4. I'm honestly past the point of caring what it says now. Years of bad financial decisions and debt are slowly falling away. Without getting completely off topic, my new mentality towards money (no frivolous spending etc) feels a lot more refreshing. If i haven't got the money, then I don't just get a payday loan to cover me, i just make do. The day i am finally debt free, I'm going to drink a massive cold beer and breath a sigh of relief.
  5. I will continue to pay until the balance is cleared and then look into what to do next after that. My credit report is already destroyed so one more default can't do anymore damage..
  6. Should I file a discrepancy with noddle? & a strongly worded letter of complaint.
  7. In that case then I have not had a property notice of default. The second I knew I was going to have difficulty I contacted them and sorted out a payment plan which they at first didn't agree to and after some advice from these forums finally got them to age to something this happens. Companies like this are the absolute bottom
  8. I'm posting from my phone so pardon any errors. I received this email: SUBJECT:Notice of Acceleration: Your Entire Loan Balance is now due [email protected] to me 2 OctDetails Date: 02/10/2014 Loan # Pursuant to the Loan Agreement that you signed and the Terms & Conditions thereof, you are in default of the above referenced loan and have failed to take corrective action as detailed in the Notice of Default Sums sent to you at least 15 days ago. We hereby exercise our contractual right of Acceleration. This means that: - Your entire loan amount
  9. I used the phone at first and ended up having a full blown row with the woman. Not my finest moment. Through the help of people on this forum I got the head gaffers email and of course he didnt answer it but one of the executive complaint team did. She sent me an initial email stating she'd got the email I'd sent, then followed up a week later with her 'findings' and the solutions. I was happy with what she said in the email. I then received another emailed from her supervisor going over what was said in the first email which was alright. It took so long to sort out that while i'm
  10. Managed to set up a payment plan over six months with these buffoons. Paid 1st amount this month on time. No issue with paying, amount is right for me at the moment. Had a butchers on the old Noddle file and see they've marked it my loan with them as a default even though I've paid on time. First steps to take? My credit file is already in the cr4pper so another default doesn't really bother me BUT of all of them on there, this is the one that is the most unfair.
  11. Just a quick update for anyone who might be interested I finally got a payment plan sorted which is affordable to me. I got £36 in charges refunded (3 x £12) and interest frozen but still unhappy with this. I'd already sent a letter of complaint before seeing this. I will be reclaiming the other charges. I have to say though, it took far too long to sort out an affordable payment plan and I'm disappointed it took so much time. There needs to be some major reform in how these companies work.
  12. If you visit the website and go to the about section, they haven't even bothered to change the filler text. Really legit operation..............
  13. Letter sent on day of last post in this thread, still nothing back. Made a payment yesterday via bank transfer (for less than the agreed amount) and spoke to someone on the phone and they said the account was frozen of interest and charges. Asked if they'd recieved letter (had proof of postage as couldn't afford Recorded at the time) and she said a different department dealt with it. Offered another full and final repayment of £480 (balance is £500 at the moment) - obviously waiting to see what happens with reclaiming charges first.
  14. I didn't see this before I emailed them back a very basic income sheet detailing and an offer of payment. They sent me a reply within a few hours via email with a payment plan and their banking details. I will set up a standing order and keep very close watch. I did however receive another email with the subject of "Notice of Acceleration: Your Entire Loan Balance is Now Due" - i can only assume this is because of the payment plan. I am thinking it is automated as I have already got a confirmation of the payment plan. I will be writing them a letter asking for confirmation o
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