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  1. Thanks every one wish me luck court is tomorrow i have all my charges and everything laid out proof of levies they have and haven't done, proof of default fees not sure how else to prepare
  2. Hi Yes the fee was for council tax it was over four years and five different debts. they did two levy's and walking possessions which i don't dispute, but one of the levy they didn't do and charged me for. they also consolidated three into one and charged me three levy's, three walking possessions and three sec h . i do have it all ready and printed out with the fees i dispute but not sure if i could upload it onto here. they have also charged me 4x £175 for Default fee. I am arguing that this is unreasonable charlotte
  3. hi I am preparing to go to court on Monday to reclaim £1.355.50 from Ross and Roberts because of unreasonable fees and interest. I have the paper work which they have sent me saying that under Section h they can charge £24.50 even though goods were not removed. I keep reading that they cant charge that but then some people say they can but they cant charge you if they have already charged a wp and a levy. I need some cold hard facts and legislation that i can show the judge. I am also fighting the default fees off £175 which they claim come under sec c which i can o
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