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  1. Hi- I did pay to move to fibre broadband originally yes. The problem I had was consistently low speed via their abysmal wireless router. The Onbudsmen informed me that no supplier is actually obliged to provide a service any better than "old style" dial up speeds due to current legislation of that sector. The wireless performance is not covered and the router is complimentary and under no obligation to actually work!
  2. Hi Folks, just been recommended to ask you guys for advice about my Talk Talk account. I had an ongoing 6 month complaint with Talk Talk regarding their appalling broadband service. Eventually I was upgraded to their best fibre optic speed(up to 70mg) but was still only getting 10-17 mg via their useless wi-fi router. I escalated my complaint to CEO level but didn't get a resolution so I went to bt instead and now have a charge of over £200 for discontinuing my contract. I went to the Ombudsman Service and they were totally on Talk Talks side and said the best they could suggest was a £30 refund for bad customer service but I would have to settle the account. Has anybody been in a similar situation or have a strategy I can follow to progress my complaint?Mark
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