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  1. Further to my comments of 24 September 2014 re a Clerical Medical (part of the Lloyds TSB Group) pension policy. A letter from Clerical Medical's Team Leader dated 26 June 2000 stated:- 'The maximum annual pension of £x,xxx is the excess over GMP. However the projected GMP of £y,yyy according to the {Company} UK Ltd statement is the revalued amount on retirement. Assuming that this will be the GMP payable on retirement, it will be added to value the non-GMP element at the time'. Yet when I retired CM maintained that the GMP element would not be added to the non-GMP elem
  2. PENSION DISPUTE WITH CLERICAL MEDICAL (PART OF THE LLOYDS TSB GROUP) AND THE HANDLING OF THE COMPLAINT BY THE FOS AND FCA In 1993 I transferred my final salary scheme fund to a pension fund with Clerical Medical (CM), a Lloyds affiliate, under a Section 32 Buyout Plan. I had been provided with a ‘Product Guide’ by CM with a BSI kitemark on the cover which stated- ‘CLARITY APPROVED BY PLAIN ENGLISH CAMPAIGN’. The relevant clause in the ‘Product Guide’ stated:- ‘If the transfer payment comes from a scheme which was contracted out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (
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