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    DVLA fine help!

    Hi, I need some urgent advice. I have been burying my head in the sand for a while and now this issue has come back with a bite. In January I bought a tax disc, subsequently the cheque bounced. I then purchased a new tax disc. Unfortunately I failed to respond in time to a letter requesting that we return the previous tax disc. it was in my partners car ready to be returned however my mum mistakenly put it in my partners tax disc holder (She had a valid tax disc in the car) I was driving my partners car and was pulled over by the police and the looked round and saw the wrong tax disc, I explained the situation and they saw the car was rightfully taxed and insured but confiscated the tax disc. I then received a letter advising that it was due to go to court. I mislaid the letter and ultimately forgot about it. Then I received a notification that I was being fined £324 for failure to return the tax disc, I was unable to pay this and it has now gone to Collectica bailiffs. The fine has increased to £600+ and they afre threatening to enter my home and remove things even if we are not there. I am at a total loss at what to do. I realise I am completely at fault in terms of failing to respond but was wondering whether there was any way I can appeal this and reduce the fine in anyway. I am desperate and would be grateful for any advice. Thank you. (This is my first time posting, if you need further information on this query or I need to make it clearer please let me know. Thank you in advance for you help!
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