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  1. Hi all an update: I attended the interview last month, and a answered all questions truthfully and admitted to what I have done, SWT confirmed that I hadn't bought a ticket from Shepperton since early 2011, so longer than I remembered. I admitted that I did not realise it was that long.I offered to reimburse for the fares evaded. They asked me to prove what tickets I had purchased via credit card statements, which I did via email to SWT. Today they have offered me a out of court settlement plus costs via email. The costs come to around £ 1500, plus a very large amount of fare evaded. I have until the end of the month to pay in full. I would of course prefer to settle, however I simply do not have the kind of money they are asking to me pay in full.Is it worth asking them to come to some agreement to pay in instalments ? If I don't pay they will proceed to court. As I have already admitted this of course I will plead guilty in court, as this dates back to 2011 my major worry would be going to prison. Any advice please guys ? Thanks
  2. Yes I did sign his black book at the end after he asked all of his questions , one of which was "how long have you been travelling on this type of ticket?" I said about a year. Thanks
  3. Hi, Thanks again for your reply. So if I do not attend the interview will I be procecuted on just the offence on the day or would they still be able to prosecute for the last years worth as I stated to the inspector, would they have enough evidence based on that alone or would they still have my ticket history on the system ? Thanks again
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply. No the inspector did not keep any of my old tickets or my Railcard. Which is why I think that when I rang to confirm if I was attending the interview they asked me to bring any old tickets with me. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your replies. The letter states that they have arranged a interview to gather all the facts before coming to a decision and any future prosecution via a magistrates Court. The interview will be recorded and under caution. I will have to read and sign the notes at the end. I may bring a legal rep or family /friend if I wish. If I fail to respond or attend the interview, this matter will proceed to court for formal proceedings. I have to contact them to confirm if I am going to attend. I called the number on the letter to confirm my attendance. The gentleman I spoke to seem surprised that I called. Is it common for people not to attend these types of interviews? I also asked do I need to bring anything else along with me. He said as I had stated that I had been traveling on this type of ticket for about a year, bring along any tickets to prove this. Is he trying doing this to prove that I have traveled falsely ? Surely its their job to provide evidence, I know I’m guilty and will openly admit that in the interview but surely its not for me to give it to them ? Also he said it would be a good idea to have a sum in mind that I believe I owe SWT for the difference in fares. I said is this so a settlement can be agreed. He said that they wouldn't settle on the day but pass any offer onto the prosecution manager to consider Should I take a lawyer with me , I don't really have the cash for one though? Thanks again
  6. Hi All Looking for some advice / guidance please. Yesterday I received a letter from SWT Prosecution Department to attend an interview at Richmond Station next month under caution in accordance to the police and criminal evidence act 1984 in relation to use of my weekly rail ticket back in June. I have now been travelling from Shepperton to Wimbledon every week day. I had always paid the correct ticket. Sometimes daily ticket sometimes weekly or monthly depending on cash flow. 3 years ago my partner gave birth to twins, I stumbled on the fact that Hampton which is only 2 stops and 7 mins from Shepperton on average was around £20 per week cheaper than travelling from Shepperton. £80 per month is a hell of a difference when you have two extra mouths to feed!! Shepperton did not and does still not have barriers. when money was particularly tight I decided to purchase a weekly ticket from Hampton to Wimbledon. As money was getting tighter and tighter this became more frequent and I was never challenged on the train or at Shepperton. There was a couple of times when the revenue team turned up en mase at Shepperton and I would either just buy a single from Shepperton to Hampton or on some occasions just show them my weekly and they don’t even read the properly and just let me through. I knew this was wrong but it just became the normal thing to do , buy a weekly ticket every week. On the day in question, I was traveling from Shepperton to Wimbledon there are no ticket barriers at Shepperton I boarded the train as normal. Just as the train departed the station a revenue protection office came through the carriage asking to see tickets. I opened my railcard which she looked at quickly then moved on slightly. She then back tracked and asked to look again more closely. At this point she noticed that the ticket was for travel between Wimbledon and Hampton. She asked what station I joined the train. As we had only just departed Shepperton ( this is the start of the line) I could hardly say anything other than Shepperton. She asked why did I not have ticket for travel between Shepperton and Hampton. I said I normally start my journey at Hampton and just forgot to pay for the difference. She was just about to let me pay for the difference when her colleague came through asked what was going on. Once explained he took over and started asking for ID and personal details, The lady officer said to him are you sure you want to do this and he just carried on and started to call someone to get ID verification. Once verification had been established he said I was now under caution and would now write down in his black book questions and my responses. He asked me to clarify thing like where did I get on today, where I was going. Did I have a ticket for the correct journey etc etc. The final question he asked and before he asked this he reminded me that I was under caution was “how long have you been traveling on this journey with this ticket type”. As for some reason I still had all my tickets up to November last year in my ticket wallet which he was holding I said “about a year”. He then re read all the questions and answers and made me sign his book, gave me a card with his badge number , advised that I may be contacted by the revenue team in the future and let me carry on with my journey. Since that day I have now stopped buying tickets from Hampton and have purchased weekly and monthly tickets from Shepperton. I deeply regret my actions, I have never been in any trouble in the past. The last 3 months have been hell for my family and myself waiting to see if the SWT were going to pursue this matter. Now the letter has arrived I need some advice on how I should proceed with this interview. Do I need to attend? Do you think SWT have a history of my previous tickets? Do I need a Solicitor ? Can I offer to pay back the difference and or fine and costs at the interview or am I destined to end up in court? As I have mention I have a young family and the thought of ending up in court and possibly prison is scary. Many Thanks
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