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  1. Every case is going to be different and my own problems with Streamline were caused largely by negligence on my part. In 2005 I set up a couple of projects and needed websites for them...at the time I chose Low Cost Names for my domain names and as one of the hosts I chose Streamline. I have covered some of this in previous posts but here's more detail you might find interesting. My start package with Streamline was £52.86 as an unlimited user + £3.52 for site wizard use...that was in 2005. This price stayed constant until 2009 when SN changed hands....(I think??...they moved from Derby to Gloucs if I remember correctly) The 2009 price went up to £68.98 inclusive of site wizard. It was after that renewal that my circumstances changed and I stopped using any website facility except for email. I continued to manage my email using SN as host. I decided (stupidly) to continue paying for hosting for various reasons but even more stupidly I stopped paying attention to my expenditure with SN. I have a friend in banking who tells me its quite common for people to lose track and not always notice small discrepancies of amounts of money paid through CPA or Direct Debit. Apparently...gradually increasing fees is a much better way to extort money than by taking huge sums at one go...people would tend to notice that happening. Also...and disturbingly, It does not necessarily require fresh contracts or agreements drawn up and unless its challenged companies can just get away with it. In 2010 I paid £70.48 + 3.52, in 2011 I paid £107.98 + £3.52 (yes I know!!) and that stayed constant until 2013 when I decided to cancel my agreement with them because by mid 2013 I had a new project on the go with a new website and email address through another company. I contacted all of contact list and warned them of a change of email address and I simply severed all links with SN and decided to just not renew when the time came. Incidentally for various reasons...I knew they couldn't just take the money from my bank as they had done before. In July 2014 I received a Final Notice from SN for £141.56. (why the leap from 107 to 141...I have no idea). I had no prior notice , no first notice...straight to a Final Notice and from there a threatening letter from CCI legal services. The rest is in my previous posts.... I have dealt with several hosting companies and some such as "Your Name Here" are brilliant to deal with and have great customer support helplines available to 10.00 pm (GMT). I asked the folks at YNH what would happen if I didn't renew with them. They told me they would send me a reminder prior to renewal and if I chose not to renew they would advise when the service would end...and they would also thank me for my custom. My advice...give Streamline Net a miss.
  2. I understand your point but cant agree. Its because people ignore them that they exist and thrive. Dollarmore is a great name for their parent co...a p***take if ever I saw one. Of course I'm not going to pay but some will. There was a moment...a fraction of a nano second when I almost reached for my cheque book after the CCI letter arrived. I soon came to my senses but there are those that will be scared to death by letters like the one CCI send out. I intend to make as much fuss as I can.
  3. Ok re OFT I had no idea it finished ion April. Re the mass complaint...I totally agree...that's why I have asked what outcomes others have had when dealing with Streamline. How have they resolved their issues. Have they gone to TS or maybe OFT in the past or maybe they used solicitors to deal with the problem. Someone mentioned Watchdog...but did they actually report it? If so to any of the above...what happened next in these cases? TS didn't seem to have any notion of the problems Streamline have caused and are still causing. Its a shame there isn't an ombudsman who oversees the web hosting industry...or is there?
  4. Both CAB and TS advised me to make contact with CCI.. .so I phoned them.. ..I have no problem with that. Of course they are trained to turn the screw, they are just not trained very well.. ...I do enjoy letting them try it on though. Admittedly I was a dumb-ass re the contractual stuff 9 years ago and things got overlooked but I'm not a permanent dumb-ass I promise you. Yup the TS have asked me to write to Streamline and CCI and I have done so. ..I am going to push this as far as I can with TS and possibly the OFT.
  5. I am sending a letter to Streamline and a copy to CCI asking for contract details as per advice and a request from Gloucester Trading Standards. I was disappointed having read all of the posts on this site that the Trading Standards rep didn't sound like she had ever come across problems with Streamline it was not a name she recognised? I didn't really expect a professional to give me an "Oh not those rouges again!" type of response, but I would have thought she might have sounded more familiar with the problem. I found this a bit strange.. ..The initial renewal payment was £141.56 and the subsequent letter from CCI with their costs added asked for £158.56. How strange then that on the phone yesterday Sophie of CCI dropped my charges to £132.56 for no apparent reason. She sounded like she was almost asking how much I was prepared to offer. How she arrived at a figure £9.00 less than my original renewal...I cannot explain??
  6. I haven't completed any paperwork after my initial agreement in 2005. Truth is I realise I have been slack with regard to the contract detail. However as someone that has paid on time every year for 9 years I should have thought I deserved to be treated more reasonably when it comes time to get out of the contract. They would know that I had not used the website site for about 4 or 5 years and I would think they should know that I hadn't accessed my mailbox for over 6 months. They said they had sent email notification of the renewal problem, but obviously they were going unread, I had finished with that account. When I didn't reply to these emails, why did they not try to contact me by Royal Mail. When they did eventually write to me via the post office it was to send a Final Notice letter. I thought it would be ok to let it lapse and finish without any intervention from me....sad and lazy I know. After a phone call this afternoon Gloucester Trading Standards have taken a keen interest a nd have asked me to contact Streamline by recorded delivery post and ask for a copy of my original contract.
  7. Update... I have just contacted CCI legal and spoken to a rep. I told them I am placing the matter with OFT and Gloucester Trading Standards. They reduced my outstanding bill from £156.58 to £132.58. They had pointed out to me that the call was being recorded...I pointed out to them that as I own a recording studio most of my calls are recorded also. Lozz
  8. Thanks renegadeimp... I visited my local CAB this afternoon and they seem to think paying up is the only answer because they are in the right and other letters will incur further costs. They said that having paid for the service for 9 years I should have realised they took the money without notice. To be honest I agree with this, but I expected an email asking me what was happening when the tried to take the money and were knocked back by my bank. At that point I would have expected a reasonable firm to have made me some kind of offer. For example...they could have allowed me to cancel but charge a small admin fee for doing so. I would have been quite happy with that. What they did is sent me a final notice, closed my site down and then passed it on to CCI. The CAB tell me that I should have kept a copy of my original contract to refer to? I dare say they are right and I am feeling incredibly stupid regards the way I have handled this whole thing BUT I am reluctant to pay for something I don't want. CCI have given me until 24th Sept to contact them or "further recovery action will be taken" I would really like to know if anyone has been taken to court by these people? No one is really coming forward with outcomes as far as I can see. ...I would love to know what has happened to those that have ignored the threats? Is what they are doing legal and am I breaking the law by not paying? Should I contact them again to say I'm not paying because I am in dispute? Lozz
  9. Hello, I paid for the StreamlineNet web hosting package in 2005 to carry a weekly podcast. To be fair I had very few problems with Streamline during the 4 years that I produced the podcast and my yearly payment was by a direct debit arrangement. In 2009 I decided to stop podcasting and therefore web hosting was no longer required for that project, however I decided to keep the hosting and email address open just in case I changed my mind. By 2013 I had not used the website facility for 4 years and I decided I was unlikely to produce more podcasts. At that point I decided to make a clean break. I notified my contact list of my decision to cease using my associated email address and about 6 months before renewal with Streamline I set up a fresh email package with a new address and a new provider. Rather than cancel with Streamline there and then, I decided to allow my Streamline hosting package to run its full course for the 12 months that I had paid for and I just wouldn't renew at the end of the 2013-2014 period. I now regret this course of action and wished I had contacted them beforehand to warn them that I would not be renewing with them. If I had done so I would be feeling easier about subsequent events. As part of the story I should also mention that in the early part of this summer, I lost and had to replace my bank debit card. This was the card that I had used in 2005 to purchase my Streamline Net hosting. Therefore, when they tried to take the direct debit payment my bank refused to pay them. Streamline then contacted me to tell me they could not take the payment and I told them we no longer used their hosting and therefore would not be renewing. They replied that I would have to pay the full renewal amount before they would discuss my cancelation. Though I was happy to pay a small administrative cancellation fee I was certainly not prepared to pay over £100 for something I didn't want. I told them that and a few weeks later I received a Final Notice letter to me home address. By this time I couldn't contact them through my site control panel which has been closed and is unavailable. Having read many posts re Streamline I chose to see the Final Notice letter as bluster and decided to ignore it. I arrived back from holiday on the 21st September to find a letter from the DCA in North Wales saying they are working on Streamline Nets behalf and require me to pay before a certain date or face further charges incurred by legal costs. I have decided to speak to Trading Standards in Glouceste but besides that I am now wondering what course of action to take. Has anyone out there got any further advice regarding this company? All help appreciated. Thanks
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