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  1. im so stressed, confused and worried I got my letter on the 19th dsaying my claim was granted but because its taken 10 months the back pay ids over £5k because of that it now has to go throigh extra security/quality checks I ordered a mobility car as my is broke and I cant walk or leave the house without a car but it needs an advance payment to meet my needs , without this money I cant pick the car up andive been told it'll be ready next week and I have the PIN from motability to collect it I cant seem to get anywhere with DWP, does anyone know when I might get it and what these extra checks they are doing are for ? and if there is anyway to speed it up, ive phoned every day as per what they told me but im getting nowhere (((
  2. Good news for anyone going through PIP, I was assessed fairy and awarded something , after a 10 month wait.. However, they hadnt sent the payments though yet, I called yesterday and he added my bank account and said "that should kick it into action hopfully"
  3. hello I need some advice re car finance, I owe £5k, my car is worth at best £2.5k, I need to get them to reposess the car as I can now get a mobility one, hows best to go about this ? I am one year into a 5 year agreement, the car was £7k all in when I purchased it last July.
  4. Hi all I suffer with CFS - PTSD - was said this was a factor in CFS Depression Anexity IBS Ankoloysing Spondulytus Arthritus of the spine and hips slipped disked Under Active Thyroid gland. I made a PIP claim in Dec after having to finish work in January, a job I have been in for 15 years, but it all become too much I phoned DWP today and Was told they cant see the decision letter, however no payments have been "Issued" (a decision was made Friday) BUT the Award has a Start Date of Dec 13 and an End Date of Jan 17, so she said that indicates I have been awarded something, however, she cant tell me any more. Can anyone shed any light ?
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