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  1. me thinks u r forgetting one point. if the EA is not certificated the debtor is not guilty and case closed if u paid attention the bailiffs name not being on register have come up a few times not just this case. i am sure you can find this out. after all tom is the bailiff, so tomtubby r u certificated?
  2. me thinks so too. but Ive been following this story on "that" site & printed of a copy. i think bailiff had no cert thats why refused to show when asked. and i think bailiff was the one who assaulted so thats why debtor cleared. just looking at facts and applying logic. the way i see it, if no cert debtor cleared, if have cert debtor done for. tt, what regulation u taking about?
  3. if the police dropped the assault charge then the police must have thought debtor had no case to answer. if bailiff is not certified then game over.
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