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  1. Update/Charge cancelled I received a reply from POPLA (looks like a standard reply) stating that my letter cannot be registered as an appeal and that I should contact the operator to obtain a verification code. On the face of it, this is an absurd and illogical reply as my letter to them is a complaint about being denied the ability to appeal by the operator providing an out-of-date code long after the time allowed to do so. Having said that, it ties in with the information on their website that refers only to the appeals process and complaints against the POPLA adjudicator. The BPA did “investigate” and replied to me stating that the operator had sent their rejection on the 26th September, and that they “re-sent” their letter on receipt of my letter telling them they are time-expired. Yeah, right! The BPA also informed me that the operator has cancelled the charge “in view of the inconvenience caused”. I have duly received the confirmation of cancellation from Athena. Many thanks for all the advice and support. I will, of course, be making a donation to this excellent website.
  2. Complaint to POPLA (including copy of envelope), and copy to BPA prepared - I'll mail them with proof of posting tomorrow. I'll report back when/if I receive replies or further correspondence from Athena. Many thanks for advice.
  3. Many thanks for the response. I've checked when the code was generated - 26 September according to the website linked in your message (and also now appeal-expired according to the message displayed with the date). Does this mean that they did raise a POPLA code on 26 September, even though they didn't reply to me at that time, or can they somehow generate or fake a back-dated number? They are effectively admitting they didn't reply in the timescale (reply sent 4 December, changed due dates), and are now apparently supplying me with a POPLA code I may not be able to use, anyway. If I do submit an appeal to POPLA, I will have to explain that it is time-expired due to Athena not following the rules. I wonder whether POPLA would then go ahead considering the appeal (based on the charge being an illegal penalty charge) knowing that Athena are out of time anyway. I'll be very grateful for further advice.
  4. I wrote to Athena stating that they failed to acknowledge or reply to my appeal within 14 days, have not replied subsequently to my appeal, and are thus beyond the time allowed to pursue me as keeper of the vehicle. I stated that I'll consider further communication as harassment, worded as advised above. They have now sent me a rejection of my appeal, dated 26 September (see attachment), in an envelope franked/postmarked 4 December! They have also amended the due date to 26 December for the full charge, and the due date for a reduced charge to 12 December (original notice 18 September, demanding 50% payment within 14 days). They have provided a POPLA code on this letter. I'll be grateful for advice on whether I should write to them again reiterating that they are out of time, and pointing out the inconsistencies in their correspondence and dates, or should I simply ignore this latest letter? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. I've received a further notice from Athena - a "Final Demand" - please see attached copy with my details removed. Should I respond to this, or just ignore it in the same way as the previous "Reminder"? Many thanks in advance for advice.
  6. OK, I'll do as you say and ignore it. When I saw the reference in this "reminder" to their having already sent me a letter rejecting my appeal, I did wonder whether they are trying to prevent me appealing to POPLA within the timescale to do so, and was tempted to contact them for a copy of said letter. I resisted the temptation to contact them - I imagine it would, in any event, be for them to prove they sent it. I'll report back with anything further I receive from them. Many thanks again for your advice and support.
  7. I've today received an "Overdue Reminder" from Athena; please see the uploaded copy with my details removed. In it they say they have rejected my appeal, and have previously sent me a letter explaining why - no such letter was received by me. As you will see, there is no mention in this document of a POPLA number or appeal. Should I reply to this stating that I haven't received their previous letter, and referring to POPLA? I will be very grateful for advice on the next step I should take. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Update... Appeal sent exactly as advised, with proof of posting, on 22nd September. I've had no reply so far. Am I right in thinking they are in breach of their Association's code of practice as they have not replied to my appeal within 14 days? Is there any further action I need to take? Many thanks for any advice.
  9. I’ve noticed that some kind folks on this site have provided advice to people who have been sent extortionate parking charge notices. I have received such a notice, and will be very grateful for any advice on whether I am likely to be able to avoid the charge, and how to go about doing so. The specifics relating to my case are: The car park attached to our local Lidl store used to allow one hour’s free parking (I believe ostensibly for customers, but actually used by non-customers also); this allowance has evidently been changed without my noticing it as I have received from Athena ANPR Ltd. a “Civil Parking Charge Notice” demanding £90, subject to a discount of £45 if paid within 14 days. I parked in the car park on 16th September (but did not purchase anything in Lidl), and received the notice today, 20th September. I returned to the car park today to check signage (picture attached); the period of free parking for non-customers is now 10 minutes, which period I exceeded by 21 minutes. While I accept I was daft to miss the new signs, and am quite happy to pay reasonable parking charges, I believe that this kind of charge is completely unacceptable. My question for anyone knowledgeable on this subject is whether I have a good case to fight this charge as a non-customer of Lidl, and if so, how best to go about it. Many thanks in advance to anyone prepared to help.
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