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  1. Also tell them you have been in touch with trading standards and under section 155 of the consumer credit act they have to refund your money. Good luck!!
  2. Just letting you know that Merrywood have refunded me with £939 yesterday evening!!!! Keep at them guys and good luck
  3. I just wanted to update you all, Merrywood have refunded all of my money £939.00!!!! Keep persisting guys, they will pay back after all, even though they shouldn't have taken it in the first place. Good Luck!!!
  4. Just for your reference Chloe I was told 7 days for a refund and then when I wasn't refunded I rang again and was told it was 30 days as that's what it says in their terms and conditions. I have already spoken to trading standards and they just told me to tell the brokers that I was entitled to a refund under section 155 of the customer credit act. As far as the bank goes I was told to cancel my card, but that these companies still have a way of getting around that too.
  5. Hiya Chloe Yes PT AND ML are one and the same, also part of this company are MLL and OR LOANS. All the same company, same telephone number. They have taken almost £900 from my account in all, I have been told I have to wait 30 days now for a refund when I told them it was fraud as I never applied in the first place, I was told it wasn't as they had a signature as far as they were concerned it was all legitimate. When I asked how much they were intending to refund me, she just said that it was a lot as I had four different accounts with them! I`'ll keep you informed and Good Luck.
  6. Thanks. I'm determined to get my money back. I work too bloody hard to throw this amount of money away. Thanks for the info and support
  7. Hiya I have had the same problem with some of the same companies having never taken out a loan with them. PT Loans have taken at least 3 payments of 69.95 from me in the past two weeks and ML Loans have also taken 69.95 as well as the same from MLL Loans and OR Loans and another came out of my account yesterday for the same amount, but their name hasn't showed up on my account as yet as it's pending. I got paid three weeks ago and the day after I was paid there was almost 600 pounds gone to these companies and more since. I am now behind on payments for other things and am really worried they will do this again. It seems that every time I think I have any money in my account someone else has taken something. I have contacted trading standards and they say I have to apply to the companies for my money back but I haven't a clue who they are! I noted that you had the address for PT Loans and ML Loans. Could you possibly share those please? Thankyou and good luck!
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