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  1. I took out a payday loan in 2012 for £100, i believe it has been that long, i can't remember. I got in to financial difficulty and ignored the loan, silly i know. Today i received the following letter : Client: BCW GROUP(Gothia) limited creditor: Wonga-purchased payday loans account BCWF Ref: ****** Client Ref : *********** Dear Mr * We have been instructed by BCW GROUP(Gothia) limited to recover an over dude debt of £319.48 on their behalf. Our client has informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non payment on your account. Whilst our client would still like to settle this matter amicably, fai;lure to contact us to discuss your account and arrange a suitable repayment plan could result in us recommending our client to consider possible legal action. You can prevent the above action being taken by contacting us immediately, to discuss a solution which we will take account of your current financial circumstances. I'm not disputing I owe the money I would like to know, how to go about sorting it out. I am on benefits as I have serious mental health issues, and it's starting to effect me mentally all ready with worry. Any help or guidance would be so appreciated, I know not to ring them.
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