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  1. I have no clue what this debt is for I have no defaults No ccjs No cifas warnings nothing on 3 companies versions of me credit report the only credit i had since i came back from ibiza in december 2008 is a capitol one credit card which i still have and a vanquis card wich has been cleared and closed down and i was living in ibiza from jan 2007 - dec 2008
  2. Hi there; I have received a letter a week ago from this company stating i owe £2175.08 on behalf of another company dlc regarding a loan and thats all the information they have provided asking that i contact them i have trawled forums and seen how nasty this company can be i have checked my credit file through call credit and experian and there are no defaults , no ccjs no chasing for any debt on my account other than an arrangement to pay with natwest but that was for 350 that i paid back a couple years ago. the letter is in my name except my last name is spel
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