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  1. Hi In October 2013 I started a 12-month contract with Talk Talk (Simply Broadband). In October 2014 I moved in another property. At the beginning of November I started a contract with PlusNet at the new address. On 11th November I have written to TAlk TAlk a letter of cancellation. Now, PlusNet claims there is a TAG on my line preventing them from placing my order. So, I have no connection. At the same time, Talk Talk is asking me to pay even December for the old contract, claiming they can not disconnect me too early. Conclusion: in De
  2. Hi I have booked and paid for a 30 sq ft room at Big Yellow Storage. I am now using it and become aware that, indeed, it is not 30 sq ft, but 25. I complained for that, but they said that according to their records that room is a 30 sq ft. So, even if it is a 25, I have to pay as it were a 30 (!?!). Morover, in the meantime I was able to remove some stuff and a 20 sq ft room would be now enough. But they say that prices have increased and that a 20 ft would today cost more than a 25ft. The problem is that they refuse to show me any written document with their fares. I
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