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  1. Is this what normally happens after a statute barred defence has been approved?
  2. Right...new development! I have today received "Notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track" from the court. If you do not comply with this notice the court will make such order as appears to be appropriate. This could include striking out the claim or entering judgement. Take Notice That 1: This is now a defended claim 2. It appears that this case is suitable for allocation to the small claims track. If you believe that this track is not the appropriate track for the claim, you must complete box c1 on the small claims directions questionnaire (form N180) and explain why. 3. You must by 23 October 2014 complete the small claims directions questionnaire (form N180) and file it with the court office (NN1 2LH) and serve copies on all other parties. I am completely lost now. Please help. Thank you.
  3. Answer to your reply is no. I have never received anything of that nature. All i receve are letters from Lowell stating they are in charge of the debt, etc. Their standard gumph! Thank you!
  4. I think I must be missing something. Court wrote to me informing me of my defence and that they are waiting to hear from claimant. Claimant wrote to me (sols) said they have received defence and will discuss with claimant (lowell). Letter received yesterday informing me that the claimant (lowell) wishes to continue. They also stuck in an arrangement agreement for me to sign to avoid the charge being served. am I correct in thinking (based on your response) that they are trying to trick me into signing an arrangement because the court is unlikely to enforce it in the first place? And obviously once I sign then I am legally obliged to pay and if I dont then they can enforce?
  5. why are they carrying on with their claim if that is the case? I do not understand the processes so was thinking that would be my next move...? Do I just sit tight and wait for court date?
  6. Hello again, I had reply from court and now from claimant...they wish to continue with their claim/ccj action. So, even though I have stated it is statute barred they are ignoring and pushing for judgement. They have asked me to enter into a payment plan which I WILL NOT respond to. Just wondering if now do I need to submit CPR 31.14 now? I look forward to your guidance. Best Regards, Steve
  7. Hello Andy, Just before I move onto next stage on MCOL am I to edit and add the section under DEFENCE or do I include the section "Particulars for reference" also? Sorry for my dumbness in advance!
  8. Andy, thanks for your assistance. I will report back with news once received! And a donation will be made accordingly
  9. Ok...that did put a smile on my face! Should I still send CPR 31.14 to sols?
  10. So, how do i notify the court of that? They wont look into the whens and hows and based on particulars of claim it reads like it was only yesterday that i took out a loan/defaulted, etc?
  11. Lowell claim I made a payment in August of 2009. This is nigh on impossible unless the CCCS held onto funds for over a year before sharing! I will hotly contest this as I was not in receipt of benifits nor an income and cannot for one minute think of any reason why or how I could have made a payment at that time. My last employment was 2008 and ended around October of that year.
  12. As far as I am aware no payments were made to CCCs after early 2008. however, having spoken to Lowell they say a payment was made to account on 29/08/2009. I asked by who and they have no record? spoke to Step Change and they say that it is only barred if no statement is sent/communication of debt received and no payment made within last six years. Is this no correct? I tried to find out when my last payment went though their system but having re branded and. ..its been over 5 years at least since last communication, they havent got my details on file anymore. I have completed form CPR 31.14 to post to sols tomorrow. But not sure on CCa 1974? What is this and where can I get a template from? Thanks in advance, Steve (much appreciated assistance from both of you..feeling better already)!
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