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  1. Out of pocket? If someone is late by two minutes, it won't make a huge amount of difference, and besides, I'm talking about people who often voluntarily work into some of their lunch or stay beyond 17:00 to complete a task. They don't get paid extra or get the time back when they do. But the reason for lateness is not the main issue. Yes, I hear people have strolled in as and when they felt like it previously, but that should be dealt with on a one-on-one basis, not by instigating an unfair policy on all. The majority are punctual. The policy is not new, it's been in place for months.
  2. My employer punishes people that are late in the mornings by docking rounded-up 15 minute segments from their lunchbreak. So, if a car accident that causes a tailback, heavy weather, etc. (over which of course you have no control) makes you late by just 1 minute, they dock you 15 minutes from your lunch. The lunchbreak is one hour. So to reiterate: Employer (professional services, over 300 staff) has a clocking system for everyone below director level. If you clock in at 9:01am, they send you an email telling you to take a 45 minute lunch. If you're late by 17 minutes, you lose 30. S
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