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  1. I had thought much the same, they were unable to provide a suitable transport provider, the one who we chose didn't even have a valid phone number. Worked out cheaper in the end to drive there and collect ourselves. - shiply I have emailed you, please sort this out for me
  2. Hi all, A little advice please - I recently listed an ad with Shiply for a wardrobe to be moved, accepted a quote & paid a £20 deposit. The transport provider never replied (may of even been fake) so they credited the money onto shiply account so I could relist again. Relisted a further 2 times and still received no suitable quotes... Upon emailing them, they've said that as it's gone past 28 days they cannot refund me - I can only use the account credit for future deliveries within 2 years How can I get my money back?!
  3. Thanks for all your replies - I had in the meantime sent a message back saying that I would remove the "like" as it was from a while back, and said sorry that we had to part on bad terms Unfortunately for some reason this guy has a vendetta against me, and I doubt that removing my like will actually stop him in contacting my new employer I really need to know what position I hold legally, if and when he tries to do so...
  4. Hi All, I'm new to the forum and desperately need some advice. Basically I was dismissed from my job for not being a good "culture fit" - no warning, no disciplinary etc but was told that they were going to help me find a new job I came into the office on a Sunday and the manager was supposed to help me go through my CV for the employment agency. He called me in the morning and asked if I still had the company owners Ipad (which I brought with me to give back). I was then interrogated as if I had tried to steal the Ipad, and download apps (neither of which are true - and the pol
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