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  1. Hi all. I am new here but I have had a couple of things on my mind regarding my trust deed. I am desperate to get a mortgage so my family can move. Back in 2008 I got into serious money problems so decided to get a trust deed. This comes off my file in January 2015. My score with check my file is 404 currently which is one star. It does not seem to go up however. I have 3 credit cards to improve my score (had one 3 years now and paid off in full every month) another one 2 and a half years (paid off in full - balance started at 250 but now has been put to 2200 due to excellent repayment) and the last account I have held a year. I also took out a 1 year loan with a high street bank to help my file (1 month left to pay) My credit account states all accounts that are open are excellent (closed ones are all settled however are due to report until Sept / Aug next year? My question is what else can I do to help my score? I have made sure everything has been paid off in full now for the last 5 years. I have a good deposit saved as well. Lastly I have applied and been declined for a mortgage. Thanks in advance.
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