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  1. unfortunately they are not here at the moment but as far as i know the original job was for a deputy manager position the interviewer contacted her around 5 days after the interview said although she was extremely knowledgeable and easily qualified for the job she didn't know enough about the ethos of the company. But the had another position for a nurse, she told the interviewer that that was not what she wanted to do and told them she would have to decline their offer. for 2 to 3 days the manager contacted her via email / text saying that if the position was for 4 day
  2. just to add the contract she signed was quite basic and stated just 48 hours and the £ per hour.
  3. I am asking on behalf of a friend regarding a problem they are facing. She was working in a job on days but it was quite a distance to travel so she sought employment elsewhere for similar hours but more local. whilst still employed she was interviewed for a job position by a different company but only 5 minutes from their home. The job she originally went for was not offered but they was given the option of a different position on days with the view on progressing to the position she first went for. they asked my her how much notice they needed
  4. The car is in my name as i am the the one registered disabled and the blue badge is in my name also
  5. 1 The date of infringement? 17th December 2019 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? [Y/N?] No only received ticket yesterday 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) [Y/N?] N/A at this moment in time 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, N/A at this moment in time 5 Who is the parking company? Gemini Parking Solution 6. where exactly [Carpark name and town] did you park? Stepping Hill Hospital Carpark, Stockport, Cheshire.
  6. had to visit hospital for an appointment yesterday, my wife is the driver of the vehicle as i am unable to drive. The entrance that we needed to enter the hospital has a car park right outside but at the time of the day all the parking spaces were full. i have a blue badge due to being registered disabled, my wife drove around the car park a couple of times to check for a space becoming available but was unable to find one. as to lessen the walking distance and make sure we got into the hospital on time my wife had to park the car at the rear of the car park, unfortunat
  7. My wife set up Odeon Cinema limitless memberships around 9 months ago. At the time my wife was working full-time earning quite a good wage so there was no problems paying the £17.99 per month each to enable us to go out now and again and have a bit of time to ourselves. unfortunately my wife has, over the last 6-7 months, had a number of problems including blood clot on the lung and problems with her kidneys and a number of other serious problems which caused her to lose her job. At the moment our only income is universal credit which has over halved our monthly in
  8. i am writing on behalf of my wife. she was employed as a manager for just over 6 months, her employer phoned her up just under a week ago and told her they was terminating her contract as of immediate effect. This was done without any probation meetings and no meetings prior to raise any concerns. I don't want to go into much detail as at the moment she has just started by raising this problem with ACAS. The employer has since claimed via a letter a fictitious probation meeting took place AFTER the dismissal via phone call! This was probably done by them to distract from they acted unprof
  9. thank you for the reply, the letter has been compiled and sent off regarding the VT now if possible could someone please help with letter that can be applied for reclaiming penalty charges, and also one for claiming back the mis-sold gap/mpp protection... this was added to the cost of the car as it was stated if my wife did not include the cover she would not get finance for the car. as of today total penalty charges are £484.00... £554.35 inc 8% interest gap/mpp totals £1,114.54... £1,300.66 inc 8% interest i have looked at PPI reclaim letters but these do not seem relevant f
  10. just a update and hoping for a little more help. we have held off on claiming charges and extras that was added to original purchase. this was due to a number of problems we come up against over the last few months that took up most of out time and had to take priority over a number of other things. we contacted advantage after visiting the CAB, we explained we was in extreme financial hardship but as my wife was still working and needed a car we asked to make reduced payments of £50. Advantage agreed to this and agreed to freeze all charges etc to help reduce the balance. since
  11. so i change the figures in the gap/mpp sheet to reflect the extra money that was paid after 7 installments for the first 7 payments £40.66, all other payments of £280 are £43.68? and simply send both statint sheets to advantage and ask them to remove the figures from the balance they still claim is owed?
  12. thanks for the help just to clarify, this was sheets i filled in before i read your last replies. for the first 7 payments made payments of £260.93 pm, £40.66 is the amount of charges all other payments of £280... £43.68 goes in the amount of charges. On the statint sheet can i simply place all charges after the extras (GAP+MPP) as i have already filled in both. Or would it be better if i did it by date, merging both. once these sheets are complete do i send them to Advantage to ask for the figures to be removed from my debt, then if they say no do i make a complaint t
  13. thank you for your time i have scanned the front of the agreement containing all the figures. regarding the charges and interest, what would their interest rate be to add in the cisheet ... it says that they can add interest rate on the arrears at 8% p/a also regarding the charge for the alleged home visit of £60, i may have missed something somewhere but i couldn't find any mention of that amount in the charges breakdown. HP AGREEMENT FIGURES.pdf
  14. i have tried to look up help regarding the reclaiming but as i am a novice i am slightly lost... Advantage was aware of periods where my wife was off work due to serious operations which meant not as much money was coming into the house and we was getting more and more into debt, yet they put her in a position where she believed she had to may more per month when she returned to work to catch up with lowered payments when sick... this added more to our financial problems and on top of that they add ridiculous charges for being behind on our payments! would it be possible in sim
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