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  1. Thanks homer67 but I don’t get what you see - from the side view with the concrete post in front view, (that’s our side) and I don’t see the pipe going over the left side of the post thanks
  2. See attached doc of 5 photos This is my gutter pipe in question and you can see the flow goes back into my property and the builder has chipped at the brickwork of my conservatory (not a permanent builder as will be ripped down in 2023/24) to secure it on my property so no EOW issues. What are your thoughts on the 5 picture of their patio extension - do you think they have gone too far over as the cement used by them goes right against my conservatory and the builder advises that they have cemented over 2 of our cables - one an important electrical cable for the pool function. Had they not gone too far over the party line, my builder may have been able to conceal the pipe with a thin fence/piece of wood but the ground is now solid concrete in that part Thoughts - like i say, I don't want to get back from hols to numerous whiny post or for them to bother my mother who will be house sitting Personal.docx doc isn’t “personal” - I just uploaded from work laptop
  3. Bankfodder - how would that work ? Where would you advise installing it without video recording their land? im sure the ring doorbell is an offence as it shows the 2 houses opposite in the distance
  4. The final 3 panels are going in tomorrow so may take some pictures and post here tomorrow if ok think I’m panicking over nothing but am going on hols in 3 weeks and didn’t want to come back to a pile of post and boring correspondence
  5. Thank you one thing that is really starting to rattle the builder is the constant photo taking and video recording of him and his labourer whilst they are working Im not sure any law has been broken there but he’s (builder) is mentioning privacy law that to record from a private property into another without permission is encroaching on “privacy law” I could do without the ballache and just told the boys to ignore her and don’t engage with her and get on with drinking my tea and biscuits
  6. Evening firstly, apologies if I’ve not posted in the right category looking for assistance and advice with a boundary line issue regarding a new fence installation that I have got a builder to complete and the adjourning neighbour is now complaining that my gutter pipe is now visual to them to describe the set up, I have a conservatory that has a gutter pipe the feeds across and then down the side and was previously concealed from the neighbours view but a timber fence panel (no view to us as on other side of conservatory panel) - the rest of the old fencing was that old green wire type fence so zero privacy. The new fencing is a 4 ft timber fence with 1ft trellis on top including new concrete posts and footing. Our conservatory was built mid 90s, a few years ago the neighbour built a house extension with patio and both the house extension and patio went right up to the party wall - not fussed about that. However because of this, there is no longer enough available space to fit a smaller timber panel to conceal the gutter from their view. the gutter is well inside of my property but probably close to the party wall now am I right in thinking that I am not legally obliged to do anything as the gutter flow doesn’t affect their property as it continues to flow into my garden and drain appropriate and all they are concerned about is a standard white pipe on view - there is nothing in the covenant to say they are entitled to right of a view I plan on asking the builder to leave the yellow boundary string up as evidence that the pipe is not on the property and neither is the flow. I am plan on requesting that they not alter the side of the fence in any way on their side because like the rest, it’s on my side of the boy arch and not with the party wall in the space of 2 days, they have shouted at my builder many times in a day and had some suited old guy visit - not sure how VIP they were as no one would visit from the borough that quickly I just want to do things legally, morally but with a sprinkle of not caving for an relatively easy life any help much appreciated cheers
  7. Ok, so shall I just send a letter of complaint to Amazon UK then with a 14 day deadline before I submit a LBA ? Screenshot of the nail polish on Amazon ?
  8. Haven't contacted trading standards as yet - Amazon have removed the product too so they are now being responsible for future customers. I don't think section 75 applies as the cost of actual item was only 3.99, but has caused anything from 250 - 800 pounds worth of damage. Doesn't the item need to have cost over 100.00 to start with ?
  9. Hi, Purchase was made with amazon directly using my master card, they have refunded the 3.99 for the polish even though I didn't say yes to that either. They have no removed (although may be temporary) from the website as a direct sale, it is still available on amazon via a marketplace seller. I will send a formal complaint email tomorrow to Chris North email address and will CC in the managing director email address too. Shall i give them 14 days to respond and then issue a lba ? I do still have all of the bottle bits. My main issue is the iPhone repair or replacement and also that our duvet set is no longer available on John lewis so it means buying a new duvet cover & matching pillows - which i assume they also include as it is a matching set Thanks
  10. Hi Please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong section but I am after some assistance with a product liability issue that I believe is subject to compensation. 2 weeks ago, I bought some BN nail polish from Amazon UK (not a market place seller) and upon opening the bottle to use, the base of the glass bottle exploded and the polish colour went over my duvet cover, seeped through to the actual duvet, splattered over my jeans and iPhone screen. I have complained to amazon and they had initially offered 10.00 pounds compensation then a few hours later upped it to 15.00....Both insulting offers have been declined by me. I believe that I have full rights to a product liability claim with amazon for full reimbursement of the damages caused - 200.00 plus the iPhone repair or a full replacement as there was clearly a chemical reaction within the ingredients that made the glass bottle explode. I have highlighted the fact that it could of caused bodily injury but they are being quite ignorant about the whole situation and have not responded to my complaint after I rejected the 15.00 comp. Am I within my rights to submit a LBA to Chris North at Amazon (the MD) advising of a MCOL within the next 14 days unless I am reimbursed for the damages that I am claiming for ? I have taken numerous pictures of the damages but at no point have they asked for evidence. Help needed please Emma
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