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  1. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply, it's very helpful. Some further questions if I may: 1. If I haven't asked the court to enforce the judgement before serving the SD, will that be grounds for the debtor to set aside the SD? 2. Does my CCJ contain a copy of the initial claim? I only have a copy of the CCJ (and not the claim) but not to hand at the moment. If it doesn't include details of the initial claim, might you have a template I could follow to complete the particulars of debt? On page 1 of the Form 6.2 it reads: "By a Judgement/Order of the _______________ court in
  2. Hi all My former tenant is not paying unpaid rent. I have a CCJ for the amount due + costs and interest but he's decided to ignore all that by the looks of things. I've downloaded Form 6.2 (Statutory Demand under section 268(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act 1986. Debt for Liquidated Sum Payable Immediately Following a Judgement or Order of the Court) and was wondering if someone could assist with completing the section on particulars of debt. I'd like to get it right first time as I believe there are consequences for inaccurate demands. If the wording needs to be quite technical then
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