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  1. Will the one liner stop any further letters? I cant imagine these people will stop harassing anytime too soon
  2. I have attached the picture of the letter. I would appreciate if you could explain to me if the £130 is the only payment they want or if they are indicating that more payments will follow as they have titled it ‘Letter BEFORE Claim’. Regarding my earlier post… should I worry about the police being given my details over the phone (name, address, DOB)? If Primark can give the police my photo? Will I be on any police record?
  3. Thank you for a speedy reply. Of course this is a lesson learned and never will I do this or put myself through this again. There was definitely a CCTV camera in the room but I am not sure about audio and am unsure about how I can get hold of this. As for police involvement… the goods that I walked out with were over the value of £50 and as per Primark policy, Primark did call the police. However, no police turned up. I am not sure why that is but the security man passed if off as ‘the police are not coming, I’m giving you a second chance’. No other explanation was given and after t
  4. I am extremely ashamed of my actions but on 23rd August 2014 I was caught stealing from Primark (Goods worth around £59). I am 21 years of age. I have never stolen anything and have never been in any trouble with the law. Yesterday I received a letter from RLP and they have asked for ‘A fixed contrition to all the losses is therefore sought in the sum of £130’. The £130 will apparently settle the claim and I have 21 days to pay. I think it is worth explaining the details of the incident: Once I walked out with the goods, a security guard stopped me and asked me to walk with him t
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