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  1. And the result in the end? A further fax chasing SC&M resulted in a cheque turning up, addressed to my partner, late last week. Somewhat annoyed as I was just putting the finishing touches to the court bundle, but at least it'll go in the recycling bin! Thanks for those for their assistance in this thread. I will bear the 'lay representative' bit in mind for a court date with HSBC in mid August. Then that'll be it, five banks taken on, five good results! Thanks again.
  2. Another quick query for one of the experts out there! I'm preparing this case on behalf of my partner, who prefers I handle this. Obviously we'll both go to court, but I think I need to alert them I'll be the lay representative? Do I need to do this in advance? Also, the court date conflicts with me being away on business (in Australia...so not exactly able to get back). Are the courts at all sympathetic to date changes?
  3. Thanks nic and the other poster. Does that mean I can't state in court that the bank started to settle then went back on it?
  4. Hi there, Bit confused about our current situation with a claim against Lloyds TSB for credit card charge refunds. Initially wrote off during March and went through the now familiar process. We then received a letter on 4 Apr, labelled 'Confidential & Privileged' and 'Without Prejudice' offering to settle by cheque. We returned the required form (attached to the letter). On 28 Apr, we received another letter stating that the claimed amount would be refunded via bank transfer within the next seven to fourteen days. We immediately wrote back saying that a bank transfer was no good as we no longer held any accounts, and that this was a credit card account in any case. I have since written a further two letters, plus a fax, chasing this up with no response. This correspondance is all directly with the solicitors - Sechiari, Clark & Mitchell. Reason for my start of a panic : a court date was set for the local County Court for towards the end of July. I am concerned that : They intend to contest, despite having offered to settle OR They don't turn up, and the Judge gets annoyed (we have another case before the same one in a further months time) All this with no usable evidence that can be submitted about the settlement (i.e. because of the Privileged and Confidential statement). Does anyone have any help they could offer here? Are my interpretations correct? Thanks!!
  5. Hi there, Just getting to the stage with our HSBC claim where they have said they'll enter a Defence (i.e. removing options from MCOL to take any action). The 28 day limit to enter a defence expires later this week and I'm wondering what action to take. Either I'm having a Monday moment or the guide doesn't get specific on this. Advice appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Should have thought to post this earlier! But still: - Initial trawl through Internet Banking to work out when I was first charged (right at the end of my Uni time it seems) - Calculated the amount of charges over that time = in excess of £1,000 - Sent the initial letter to FD and had the standard response suggesting I write to the Customer Relations Manager. Two queries, if people don't mind: - I'm going away at the end of this week for three weeks (work!) and therefore can't just write back with the standard 'if you do not action this within 14 days...' note. Would people suggest extending the deadline, or waiting until I return? - I have a Current and Credit card account with FD. Any chance of retaliatory action on either of these? (gut feeling from reading the forums is 'no', but still interested in opinions). Cheers, Richard.
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