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  1. I had a chat with the job centre manager, he said the adviser has done nothing wrong and he too would have pushed for me to get a DD inclusive bank account. I said it's not a job requirement to have a particular type of account. As for ticking the box, he said why not ? Stop moaning about it, it's so they can help to find you the right job one day. I still haven't and I'm not going to. He just kept saying this is the end of the matter and I cannot close the UJM account once it has been opened. The thing that still bothers me is their lack of honesty - I know I should not be surprised, but I am.
  2. Thanks for finding that, MrP, I will start looking through it in the morning. The Family Mosaic lady also told me that DWP staff were being given training to advise on financial matters - although beyond "make sure you pay your bills" I can't see what advice they can offer, or how they are going to find the time for individual, in-depth counselling sessions. Maybe they will sell me an ISA!
  3. I did actually ask her if there was a grant I could apply for to get a passport if it was so essential but she said no. Although she did say it might be possible to claim if I found a job. I had a meeting with a lady from Family Mosaic, which is a sort of cross between Sure Start and the CAB. I told her about my visit to the jobcentre. She used to work for the DWP and she phoned my local office and said to them "You do realise mr Unheard is on ESA, not JSA?" Their response was along the lines of: "It will all come under the umbrella of Universal Credit". She tried to point out that there are still different types of entitlement but they didn't seem to think so. It is beginning to look to me as though the staff have not got a proper grasp of how things are supposed to be and I can see a lot of misinformation being applied and acted upon.
  4. I think you are absolutely right to complain about this Matt, these people are far too keen to put their noses where they don't belong. The line between appropriate and inappropriate seems to be rather blurry to this woman.
  5. I think it is the photo ID that is the issue, I don't have any and the job coach seemed to think I could just spend around £80 and solve that - I would rather feed my family. I am more concerned with what their plans are with this compulsory UJM account. My Epilepsy is quite severe and I cannot be around computer screens for long before I have a fit. They already made me attend a computer course and I collapsed in the building, the guy in charge sent me home and I was ill for days afterwards. According to the CAB website there are degrees of what they can insist you do and one of them is the 'no work-related requirement group'. I fit the descriptors (I think) but the JC coach didn't mention anything about this.
  6. Thank you both for replying. Yes, my basic account accepts automated credits, my ESA and DLA is paid into it. At the moment my partner pays the DDs, I give her the cash and the payments go out from her account. I think this 'advice' has more to do with the DSS worrying that we will all rush out and spend the rent on flat screen TVs and booze - after all, The Sun says we do so it must be true. I am really annoyed that they have not been straight with me, they gave me the impression that if I couldn't show I had the right sort of bank account then I wouldn't get paid. I have tried to open an account with Halifax but they said they needed more ID. I don't drive and have never been abroad so don't have a Passport so not sure what else I can do, I showed them the tenancy agreement, utility bills, benefits letters etc. The jobcentre coach said I should get a passport because I would need one if I found a job (?) but I don't have £80 + to spare.
  7. This is my first post so apologies if there is anything wrong with it. I was asked to attend my local JC for a chat about Universal credit as it is being rolled out here soon. I was told I need a bank account with DD etc to pay bills (at the moment I only have a basic one) and that I must open a Universal Jobmatch account or I won't get paid. When I tried to explain that I have bad credit the personal coach said I was 'fighting the system' and that I should stop. They also want me to give them access to it so they can see that I am 'making an effort'. I am on ESA, WRAG and thought that they could not force me to look for work. I am epileptic and cannot use a computer for any length of time (a friend is typing this for me). I have a partner and young child so I am terrified of having no money to pay bills or feed them. Can they insist on my opening a UJ account and what will happen to me if I cannot use it regularly?
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