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  1. On 28th July I was falsely accused of shoplifting by a very intimidating security guard at Tesco. I was marched into an office at the rear of the store and the duty manager called. I was accused of concealing a mascara under my bag in my trolley. I explained that I had place it there to stop it falling out and that I had had a long emotionally hot draining day at training and was not concentrating. They then found a birthday card and a pack of pens and some spot cream that I had also forgotten about - having paid for the rest of my shopping I offered to pay immediately and explained my lack of focus. I was told that I had already had the opportunity to pay and they had cctv to prove I had concealed the mascara. As the items were less than £10 they said that they would not involve the police. I (stupidly ?) supplied my name and address and was issued a life time ban from all stores in the UK. I received a letter from RLP saying I owe £147.50 for this "act of wrong doing". Having not read this forum at the time I replied by email stating that I would not pay as this was a genuine mistake and that I had offered to pay for the items on 2 occasions. I have now received a 2nd letter saying that I now owe £90 and that if I had paid for the items after being apprehended it would not be a deterrant to me doing this again!! 1. Should I just ignore this after stating my innocence and mistake? 2. Can I be arrested for trespass if I enter any Tesco store and petrol station ( yes I asked them this at the time! was in shock) ? Many thanks in advance - wish I had read this forum before emailing them!
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