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  1. sorry bear with me please I really appreciate your answers. If there is one what then?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I'm a bit confu sed as to why I would request a CCA in that case
  3. Well if there is no BC agreement what does it mean for me?
  4. So does that mean that if there isn't one the debt isn't enforceable?
  5. I will do a credit report and see what it says. They write every few months but it's been with Buchannan Wells, Lowell then Frederickson. They threatened court action but nothing else happened. What is a BC agreement? I really appreciate these replies from you DX100UK. Just starting to deal with this makes me feel I can breathe a bit better.
  6. Actually looking at the mountain of paperwork I had stuffed in a bin bag, they did actually pay a nominal sum of a couple of hundred pounds (which was a fraction of what I'd calculated) for the PPI so on that score I 'won' - yay! I think I also may have tried to claim for charges though too which will have totally naused it up won't it? I just downloaded templates from Moneysaving expert at the time.
  7. Hi I am new and just dusting off the sand from my head so please bear with me. I have a couple of large debts but one of them, a Barclaycard is older than 6 years so am guessing it is now Statute Barred. It has been tossed around different debt collecting agencies namely Lowell and Frederickson to name a couple. So far I have ignored the letters because I had no way of paying them and just wedged my head in the sand. A couple of years ago I did try to claim PPI on it but was refused. Does my contact with them when attempting to claim PPI mean that the debt is n
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