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  1. If you dont open your door to rossendales or have a car outside, they eventually return it to the council. theres your chance to make an offer to pay what you can afford
  2. this thread started out as an information post. no debate, just a statement. an utterly wrong one and looking at the pages and pages of tt sticky threads, a newcomer to this site is becoming obvious it is platform with someone with crackpot ideas, and when challenged its blighted with trolls.
  3. it it cant be proven then this thread should be deleted. its total garbage as is all the other stufftt posted here, it helps no one.
  4. Thats how i see it. there was no need to bring a troll into the thread to dance and skip the question.
  5. If TT cant answer a simple question then this thread should be deleted. Its complete garbage and with a troll joining the thread its purpose was clearly designed to misinform.
  6. Spot on outlawla. Creating this thread to push the idea councils pay bailiffs is utter total rubbish.
  7. Here we go again, its FMOTL. No reputable publisher will look at your work. Your post 1 is wrong. Dodgeball post 20 is correct. It applies to proceeds of enforcement, and 'enforcement' is defined in law in section 62 of the tce Act.
  8. There is no debate here at all. Post 1 of this thread is a statement, and the 2nd paragraph is wrong.
  9. I see where this side-step comes from. Didnt really expect an answer anyway. Its all rubbish as we thought it was.
  10. It doesnt matter if they say the NOE has been sent. if Unclebulgaria wants a flaw in the legislation, heres one to have a look at, regulation 7© of the TCGRs. Now look at at regulation 6(1). Whats the point of putting a date on the NOE when the regs say taking control of goods starts from 7 days the NOE is given.
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