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  1. I need some advice, This is my first post on this site in a few years but it always helped in the past so hopefully someone here can help I bought a joblot of CK Boxershorts from a website called Stockshifters They were Advertised as 100% Authentic I am not a business, i am an individual, but they say they are a B2B company only so normal Consumer Rights do not apply I have contacted them about the goods being Counterfit, and they confirm that they were made aware of this in November last year, but did not recall any of the other lots that had been sold to other cus
  2. i think they get fed up with me calling lol, I had 4 sheets of debts when i applied for B/R and the office administror at the OR didnt photocopy all of them, so when they wrote out informing all about my BR, the missed off 10 creditors, because of this i had various people chasing me still, it was only in feb this year that they discovered what had happened after many phone calls, me photocopying my original petition and sending it on to the OR, etc, so then eventually they wrote our again. I want to get all this sorted before my discharge, so i can move on with my life, and one day
  3. so i will just write to them, and enclose my bankruptcy papers. showing they were included my credit file----ruined i know, but was showing a positive tat i had had no recent lte payments, because of cabot, it states that its showing a recent increase in late payments and increased balance owing, should they amend this as by rights my debt liability ended date of bankruptcy???
  4. yeah, everything i owed was put in the bankruptcy....... i havent even had 50p debt since lol. so i made sure everything was put in
  5. Hi all, I think this is my first post since 2008, so its been a while, but im returning as this site helped me reclaim so many bank charges many years ago. I am 11 months into my bankruptcy so will get automatic discharge next month I made myself bankrupt, after losing my house, negative equity etc etc, so in total my unsecured debt was ........87K!!! alot i know but that is neither here nor there. i wont bore everyone with the background lol So i am now going through my credit file, and preparing in advance to write to all the companys to ensure that the default date
  6. hi, congratulations, i was in a similar situation and had set an email to the CEO last week. they also agreed to stop all proceedings, so i would defo recommend anyone in this situation emailing the CEO, there is nothing to lose by doing this.
  7. result!!!!!! i emailed the CEO northern rock last friday, less than a week since the email i recieved a written postal response saying that they will stop all court proceedings, so it just shows that if you persist with them about trying to reach an agreement then you can beat them. for anyone that is intere4sted, i sent my email complaint to [email protected], and [email protected]
  8. So last night i had the court papers through, the POC is pretty basic, just says that i defaulted on my agreement by not paying 1 month and as per their t & c's they issued a default notice and the agreement is terminated thus requiring full repayment. because of this. it also states that they have not recieved any payment in full or partial since, i paid £680 to them which covers me till the end of feb on the 31st january. the court papers were produced on the 14th feb. so the amount owing to them is also wrong. really really need some help as not to sure where to go f
  9. Hi everyone, So i recd a default notice, the 1 week later northern rocks solicitors 'Tucker, Turner, Kingsley & co'wrote to me at the end of january saying that unless i pay the full loan (15K apx) or reach an agreement with northern rock within 7 days they would take me to court to obtain a charge over the property due to being in default. So i phoned them and offer to pay off all arrears, to stop the proceeds, and they said that they would not make ant arangement with me and even if i paid all arrears they would still take me to court to obtain the order, and this would be fo
  10. well, moneyclaim lost the defence so they wrote to scm given them 2 weeks to re-submit a defence. they didnt do it so i faxed over judgement to moneyclaim scm submitted a defence and filled for a stay moneyclaim then wrote to my friend to confirm stay had been granted then moneyclaim wrote to me to say proceedings had been transfer to local court no defence sent to me yet the claim is for a friend of mine not for myself - it is so confusing - thanks for your help
  11. well, i phoned the courts on 29th august and they said that they had a backlog and that the judgement had not been entered yet. on the 30th, a letter was rec'd by my friend at her home address (the corry address on moneyclaim was my address) stating a stay had been granted - bear in mind i havent even had the defence at this point. moneyclaim then wrote to me at my address 5 days later saying that the AQ had been dispensed with and that it had been transferred to my local court so i am waiting for moneyclaim to get back to me as i still have no defence and am completley confused
  12. hiya, I am currently in the proces of moving house and looking for ways to decrease my settlement figure as i am quite frankly disgusted with the amount i hae to pay. so i need some advice before i bite the bullet as such. Firstly i am going to go down the treating customers fairly route as i know the FSA are really HOT on this at the moment and it is a major thing in the financial services industry ( i work for an insurance company myself) Redemtion fee - £250 they are not charging all new customers this but as it stated this on my original paperwork they will not waive
  13. I entered judgement last week on wednesday, i havent heard anything yet from the courts, but they did tell me that their was a 3 working dayy t/a due to a backlog, which is fine... better than most places that quote 7 working days. anyway, they did say that if Llyods re-submitted their defence in the meantime they would proceede. its quite confusing as they did submit it, moneyclaim just lost it. and then gave them 2 weeks to re-submit it. so anyway im not to sure what happens next so any advice or a pointer in the right direction as to what to expect would be great.thanks
  14. Hiya sorry for starting a new thread I am claiming for a friend basically what happened so far is 1, moneyclaim acknowledged / defened 17th july 2, moneyclaim lost defence gave SCM till 18th to re-send 3, letter rec'd stating the case is on hold - very generic letter from SCM not from courts - not a formal stay etc 4, spoke to moneyclaim and am able to win by default tommorow so any advice as the letter from SCM has thrown me a bit due to this being the first bit of corry i have rec'd from them
  15. just spoke to moneyclaim - i can now entre judgement so will be doing that now
  16. So still not heard anything today from moneyclaim so will be calling them in a minute to see if a copy of the defence has been rec'd Sc&M did write to me thou and say that due to the oft case all cases have been suspended - it was a real generic letter and i guess if it was true then i would have heard if the case had been stayed..... based on the fact that moneyclaim lost the defence and have written to them asking for it this is just a fopb off all opinions etc etc would be appreaciated
  17. £250 in one month, at the charges as they were a few years ago would have been what? 10 - 15 charges? Halifax charged £35 per charge back then In ONE MONTH??? It only takes 7 DDI'd bouncing to do this which for the record is what happened with never a charge before and a genuine mistake?? come on!?! are you starting on me, Whats with the Come on!?! its comments like this that get my back up, it makes me so angry that people like you cannot see that no matter the reason behind the charges, Charges seriously cause personal damage and stress.......comments like yours are very unhelpful
  18. So im not too sure about the early exit fee as i have not researched this as much as the bank charges but thought i would write to them any way asking them to repay it using a template from this site that was last week after the FSA announcement Yesterday i rec'd a letter from the EPf stating that they do not have to refund the amount due to it being the same amount quoted in the original contract and they supplied me a breakdown admin cost £12 overhead cost £71 mortgage fee £2 staff cost £34 so i dont really understand what they are for it was £120 altogther.
  19. * firstly i am not disputing we should be charged, just that the charge is unlawful as it is too high * you are basically saying that because i missmanaged my account when i was younger and inexperienced i should not be allowed to claim back the charges. charges are in itself a spiral. it only takes a few mistakes. For example i messed up 1 month and incurred 250 of charges, because of this i could not afford the bills so the charges came out again and again mont after month. if the charge had been a fair amount in the first place i g/tee you that most people would not have had
  20. KITS1893 Just a quick question so that i can clear this up in my head. Do you really believe that just because the bank charges i and similar people have incurred due to my own fault should not be reclaimed by myself as it was my own fault that i incurred them due to being bad with money 3 years ago??? Do you also believe that by going to the FOS etc that we are wasting people time cause this seems what you have implyed do you think the banks are in the right cause you defend their actions a lot the whole reason that the OFT have taken the banks to court is because the
  21. 'Who is paying the wages of all the people who are dealing with these court claims? Or even the FOS clerks who send letters back and forwards to banks all day?? Ultimatly the public at the end of the day. ' When it comes down to it, if the banks did not levy disproportionate penaltys in the first place then we would not have to take all them to court, The FOS bill the bank a flat fee of £250 everytime a complaint is made against them. they also pay the FSA a levy to be regulated by them etc etc so the banks are paying for the privillage of the FOS handling their complaints secondly,
  22. well, no defence rec'd still, it was entered oin the 17th of july so you would have thought it would have been sent to me by now. I have rec'd a letter from Moneyclaim stating that the defence has been lost and that they have written to lloyds giving them till the 20th of auust to re-submit it, if they dont then i can enter judgement. Seems odd to me, i bet they never sent it in the first place especially as the date rec'd shows as the 2nd july on moneyclaim, and they hadnt even acknowledged till after that
  23. Still not heard anything from Lloyds or Moneyclaim I was unable to get hold of SC&M on the phone either , just hold music for ages. I have had a thing posted through my door for royal mail though saying they tried to deliver a packet but could not post it through my box so that will come tommorow. i am not expecting anything apart from the letter from [problem] but dont thing this is it as it would be to big if it wont fit through this is stressing me out though only cause my friend is panickig and ringing me constantly, i cant really say much to reassure her either apart fr
  24. hiya Someone on this site told me that all complaints prior to 24th of July will be paid still. dont know if this is acurate have you called them?? if so what number did you pone them on and can i have it thansk
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