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  1. Again thanks for your advice really appreciated. To be honest the whole process has been a nightmare. I have previously had to make formal grievances to policy changes and issues we have had in the past with company A. I will be making our TUPE rep aware of what you have advised so we can get this issue resolved.
  2. Another quick one... When we were originally transfer from Company B to Company A we did so in July 2010 so what company A did was gave us an additional 1 months pro rata to cover the additional month as our new allocation would not start till Jan 1st. I therefore think that when we are transfered back to Company B anybody who has used all the annual leave allocation should then start on Company B's new allocation on the 1st December and work the opposite by only deducting 1 month pro rata instead.
  3. Thanks mariefab you have been a great help. I will be ringing ACAS on monday as I have a feeling that this will be deducted at the end of the month and the payroll cut off dates are fast approaching.
  4. Thanks for your reply, In my situation Company A is saying that effectivly we are ending our employment and are processed as leavers and therefore the leave is calculated pro rata. My leave for the year is 285 hours so i will have to pay back 71.25 hours, when I start at Company B I will then be given a pro rata amount of leave to cover the period 1st October to the 30th November as Company B's leave runs from 1st December to 30 November. Is there anything we can do in relation to this as I have taken my leave based on my needs and I dont require any leave in October or November. The situation
  5. Hi Guys, I have a problem and was wondering if anybody can help me. I am being transfered to another employer under TUPE regulations on the 1st October 2014. My present employer (Company A) has advised us that we receive our final payment from them on the 30th September this will consist of our salary for September, shift allowance for the period 9/8/14 to 5/9/14 as we are night workers. In addition to this Company A are paying us for shift allowance from 6/9/14 to 30/9/14 and our bonus payments for July August and September. They are also advising that they will be deducting any ho
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