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  1. I've just gone over my letters from MMF and Swift Sterling again and it seems that Swift sold the debt to MMF last September 2014. Expirian had a default for MMF - I disputed it asking for proof and it was removed. CallCredit has a default for Swift - I disputed it but it came back 'All OK it's correct' As they are the same default what should my next step be please? Cheers
  2. Hi and thanks for butting in I will apply for a Notice of Correction with CallCredit today. I will let the red mist die down before doing any more. Thanks
  3. Hi, I have no proof that the default isn't mine. I just know i have never taken out a payday loan ever. Isn't down to Swift Sterling to prove that i did have an agreement with them? I'm at my wits end with these jokers, my fixed term mortgage expires in December and i have the impression that this default will cost me a decent deal.
  4. I can't believe that I'm unable to get a wrongly placed default removed from my credit file. Where are my rights? Any company can place a default on anyone's record and they have to fight to get it removed.
  5. I have contacted Swift Sterling asking for proof of debt and received no reply, that was 10 months ago. I have now started a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman but they have replied stating that Swift Sterling are based in Malta and not under their jurisdiction. Help please
  6. Great thanks... Do i need to put my name at the bottom?, ie. the same surname as my mums?
  7. No it couldn't be anyone else as it names my mother by using her full name. How should i phrase a letter to them?
  8. No link at all and i have lived here for only around 18 months. When i write should i state my name too?
  9. Hi, My mother is an OAP and has never had any credit or loan barring the mortgage. I have recived a 3rd letter addressed to her at my address (she has never lived here) demanding over £500 for an O2 debt. The first 2 letters were returned to sender and a 3rd has just arrived. Can someone please put into words what im supposed to say in a strongly worded letter? Many thanks.
  10. Received a letter from MMF stating that they had handed over my debt to Swift Sterling. As i have never had any debt or payday loans i wrote to both companies stating a CRN using a template from here. I received no response (back in Sept 2014). I joined Experian and told them to investigate, they did and informed me it was ID fraud and the company could not prove i had taken out the loan, thus the default was removed. The only other credit agency to display this default is CallCredit. I have told them that this is fraud but they keep saying that they have co
  11. Hi guys, im sending 2 letters to Wonga and Sunny to deny all knowledge of 3 payday loans taken out in my name. Do i just send them to the head office addresses i can find online on their websites? Cheers
  12. I've just been called by the Sunny Compliance team (they have my number as i called them on Saturday asking WTF). They not only want a CRN but also a letter from the Halifax confirming that this is fraud. Is this normal or should i stop all direct contact and send the words in the letter or email that were given above?
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