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  1. Thank you for your patience with me, I promise I will try and calm down and accept the worst is not going to happen, I know I am over reacting in my head but just cannot believe it at moment, hopefully once I start my relaxation classes in a few weeks I will bounce back to my usual calmer self. xxxxx
  2. Yes son has spoken to them on Monday and he paid them £100 - in fact letter today shows the new balance with the £100 taken off, yet states you have failed to pay the outstanding amount, yet payment plan was only set up Monday with payments to come out of his wages at the end of next three months, so he has no missed any payments. Am waiting for him to organise his car to be removed off our property and so we can the Statuary Declaration, lawyer when we went on Monday said its best not to have any exception like his car within our boundaries. I have told son he can hire a po box as from now on all mail that comes here is being returned to sender I cannot take this any longer, not after the year we have had - took granddaughter in, brought by police in just the clothes she stood up in, then horrible court case to gain custody which we won with no contact with her mum and all without legal help as usually am able to handle things myself, but she has PSTD and although now staying with her dad ( who has no PR for her so another worry) where she went with everything a child of her age could want as we had to buy everything for her, all the stress of keeping her from self-harming, killing herself etc, no sleep to watch her plus money worries as our income as said not high to make sure she was fed, has now am relaxes about bit is hitting me and this is just elevating my stress levels, already have chronic health problems but it was either us or into care for granddaughter so of course we had her, now we have got her through the worst her dad feels he wants her-plus the fact he would have to pay us maintenance which he doesn't feel he should to keep her, he feels its the cheaper option. Nothing to do with what asking you for help for but all reasons why I seem to be going OTT over this am sorry. I just at moment cannot research and sort out things myself as I usually do.xxxxxx
  3. You are right Mardens don't know what a payment plan is - son paid £100 on Monday and they agreed on phone that he could pay off the rest over next 3 months yet today a letter turns up with new balance with £100 off demanding full payment immediately or they will be out to remove goods, so was beginning to calm down now this as son has nothing in writing to show he has a payment agreement so if EO turns up tomorrow I have no way of stopping them removing my goods.
  4. Just to let you know national debtline told son to call Marsdens again and this time their attitude was completely different, thanks to all the help people on here did for me. They accepted his payment that he had offered on Friday that they refused and when he said he would pay the rest when he got payed at end of the month they asked him if it would leave him anything, he told them no it would leave him without any money for food etc, so have told him he can have three months to clear the debt off - so totally different to Friday when they demanded it all the money or would remove goods from my home. Thank you all so much I am eternally grateful. Got doctors for a review in a short time, at moment am shaking and feel so down, even though should feel relieved I still feel scared daft I know. Bless you all
  5. Well heart is starting to pound now in case that bailiff turns up in 12 hours, today forced myself out of bed for a bit and pottered in garden to try to stop worrying but now about to settle down fear is back big time. Hubby has to work as has son so will be home on my own with my old dog and admit scared stiff. Son has not moved car so not sure about the statuary declaration if I put his car on thing with in our boundaries as its sorned ( spl) Thanks for the help you gave whatever happens
  6. Just want to say thank you to everyone, not heard anything as yet today from anyone but I promise to update if and when I hear anything. Am in a bad flare today pain wise so will be spending most of day lying in bed in dark, taken all the pain meds I can, but promise not taken to many. Just came on line in case of any news from Marsdens or agent. Bless you all for caring I felt so helpless yesterday as always in my life its me been the problem solver in the family and finding myself unable to sort this out really is what put me over the edge, in 58 years I have always been the strong one but now I have to swallow the bitter pill and accept health will not let me carry everyone anymore and son will have to grow up and accept the consequences of his actions rather than me trying to help him. Thank you
  7. Thanks Hallowitch it wasn't the solicitor I don't think who said this, just the person who answered the phone when I inquired if they could sign the form and stamp or whatever they do. Son is trying to see if someone can move the car with a flatbed truck and put it on someones driveway or land and I told him I do not even want to know where he puts it so then on Monday I can go to solicitor and make the declaration legally knowing nothing of his is in or on my property. Whether this will be enough to stop the Bailiff coming to my home I do not know. Its going to be a long weekend as my husband refuses to keep windows or doors closed and I am scared stiff bailiff appear, he is so sure none of our belongings can be taken, I just wish I could be. Thank you
  8. I posted this earlier on moneysaving advice forum and been advised to post here - this is the three main posts I made, have just cut and pasted so sorry if they talk about posts I was replying to on the forum Hallowitch told me to post, should have headed this Marden Welfare sorry head all over the place. Don't know where to turn or what to do, My son has always since moving out continued to use our address even though we have over and over told him not to, he lives with his girlfriend and has done since 2004. Today someone from Marsdens baliffs turned up told us he owes £880 and if he does not pay in the next couple of hours they are coming back and will remove all our goods. Nothing of his is in our home, its all ours but we don't have proof of things - this pc is one of the few as its on finance apart from that as we do not like debts we save up and buy things even our credit card is prepay and bank account a building soc so we cannot get into debt so I do not know what to do. Cannot get hold of son, or his partner so must I sit here and wait till they come and take all my belongings. I am ill disabled and admit suicidal at this moment, my health problems include depression and I nearly took my life last night and now wish I had as cannot face this, as my children have caused me such upset over the years. My husband is at work and so cannot be with me, not that he would know what to do either. Is there anything I can do. If I have posted this in the wrong place please tell me correct one Thanks I phoned national debtline and they told me to call Marsdens and complain all they did was put me through to the baliff who told me if my son has not paid in the next hour he will return to my property and if my son has given false details over his address he will deal with that after, not before he has got goods. I just don't know what else to do. My husband and I are not wealthy we don't have money to pay this or replace any of our belongings. our income is low but we pay our bills and live within our means, we don't have sky, smoke, drink etc as we cannot afford to. I spend most of my time in bed on-line, because of health don't even have friends anymore, not their fault as I am always cancelling so no one to talk to about this. Apart from this pc I am using which is on finance I cannot prove any of our belongings belongs to us. My council tax bill shows on hubby and my names and has for years as only the two of us over 18 here, granddaughter as well but she is 15 as we have pr and custody of her but at moment she is with her father and maybe she will live with him if things go ok so its been a stressful year going to court over her and now this. We don't have much but I don't want to lose what we have. Sorry about delay in replying, I am reading it all and was at first doing as said by posters, then I called the police 101 number to check if indeed bailiff can come back with a lock smith and enter my home and remove items. They told me that so long as he has a warrant he can, went on to tell me as to how just yesterday they had a call from someone who had bailiff at door over previous owners and they had to tell them that as bailiff had a warrant they could not stop them removing their goods and how they would have to just get a solicitor and proof the goods where theirs once they had been removed by bailiff. At that point I broke down and said doesn't matter I will be dead before they come so just hope hubby can get by but guess if they leave him our old tv he will manage. Ended the call to the police and tried son again, no luck, so tried to take myself in hand and have a cup of tea as had not eaten or drank anything, and next thing 4 police at my door worried sick I would kill myself........oh gosh did not mean to cause all this drama. They would not leave till called my doctors to be fitted in and were going to take me but son arrived just as we were leaving so they left me and he took me, he has phoned National Debtline and by saying what they said has got a stay till Monday noon but still Bailiff refuses to accept part payment its all or nothing and he told son he will be at my house with a locksmith on Monday at noon. I know he might be just threatening and if it had happened even a few days ago I could have coped but for whatever reason my depression decided to come back last night it is back and am not sure am going to get through the weekend. I have all doors and windows closed and locked but have an elderly dog who likes to wander out in to back garden but cannot leave door open for him. Am now back on anti-depressants and to see doctor Monday again. Son tells me he told the court that he uses my address as a correspondence address as for a good few years him and girlfriend were moving around as they could only get 6 month rentals and he gave court the current address at the time but its not where he lives now but he told them letters etc could come to mine. The money owed is because he had to sorn his car and he forgot to renew it, he then got it put on our property where it still is so off road until he can afford to get it running again. He has two young children and has just got a new job so money has been tight, we tried to help when we could. Had to almost laugh at one of the police officers who came out, she meant well, she told me staying in my bedroom most of the time - I don't watch tv it annoys me so hubby watches it alone, - is making me depressed and i must get out more and make friends, would love to but don't have money to go anywhere, she made it sound so easy, just pop out for a coffee and all will be well. Sorry guys you are not interested in this you have been fantastic, will contact the welfare section at Marsdens and see what if anything they will do, so long as like last time they don't just put me through to the bailiff himself again, couldn't face talking to him again today. I admit for the very first time in my 58 years I do feel scared and vulnerable, all my life its always been me sorting out others problems, always me not hubby that deals with everything, never had or even needed anything to help me but this time I cannot even sort out my own. You all are great make me feel am not facing this alone.
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