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  1. Hi waited another 40 days and posted off the failed SAR letter 2 weeks ago and still no reply... can someone please advise me as to where i go from here. thanks
  2. On the failed SAR it was only the monument statements i wanted ... as to check the calculations of the PBP payment.... I wouldnt have thought there would be a problem .. after all they must have had them to arrive at the figure of the cheque they posted out..
  3. What about the dross i received today.... not sure if this is what they are regarding as the info in reply to my failed SAR request to them..
  4. the original SAR request was on the 10th of september.. . I received a returned cheque on the 29th oct to have the cheque changed and made payable to Barclays instead of Monument.. . I also stated on the SAR request the first time that I would like the statements for my Monument card (Card Number Was included) sent to me along with any other info that I still had to receive.
  5. Hi as mentioned previously I had requested a breakdown of their calculations regarding the amount I received..and also sent a Sar request. . have received their breakdown and calcululations regarding amount but still not received statements with pbp info.. .. they must have them as to have came to the amount they sent by cheque. have had the cheque returned and told to send another made payable to Barclays instead of Monument. . which I have done and have now received data by post relating to a couple of phone calls back in 2009 and a couple of pages of abbreviations and what they mean but no statements regarding PBP.. . what do i do next..
  6. Hi i had a default on the card in 2008.. not sure exact date.. can find out later..
  7. Hi can I upload the 2 spreadsheets for someone to have a look and let me know if I have done these correctly.
  8. Hi can someone please tell me where I should put this date on the stat int spreadsheet? or do I use both dates ie: start of ppi payments to the end date and if so can you tell me what boxes to use please.
  9. Hi doing something wrong here... put in the date 9/3/7 at date of charge and also put in date from and claim to as 9/3/7 .. is this correct?
  10. Hi calculated the pbp payments and set interest as you mentioned but the figure I cam up with is just over half of what I received ... is there any other calculations I have still to do?
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