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  1. If we can afford to pay £200 a month to HMRC, are they likely to accept that against debts of £20k?
  2. 2010 she paid around £10K to the mortgage (she covered the monthly bill for a year). That was when I had a mortgage on the previous house. I sold it a year ago and moved into the new one with no mortgage. Her name wasn't on old title deeds and isn't on the new house title deeds either. We have literally no joint accounts of any sort. Brian.
  3. Guys, If my partner isn't and never has been on the title deeds of the house, and the mortgage has been cleared, would the house be safe in the event of her sequestration (bankruptcy).... She contributed about 1 years worth of mortgage payments before I sold the place and bought a smaller house with the change. Current value is £175,000. Mortgage has been cleared. She has around £20,000 owed to HMRC and they are going to court in a few weeks to do either an arrestment of wages or apply for sequestration. The various debt helplines and charities tell me that because she isn't on the land register as a home owner, she will simply be considered a tenant without any further questioning. Too good to be true? Brian.
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