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  1. Thank for the reply dx. The reason I called them was because I was sure the debt was SB. Turns out after digging out old paperwork it’s another debt that is a ccj. I’ll update again here when I hear from them again.
  2. Hi, I recently received letters from Cabot and then resolvecall . I’ve had a visit card posted by resolvecall. I called them up and have discovered that they are chasing a old ccj . I think the debt has been sold, they were very vague with the information and told me that they would get back to me with more information. What should I do next ? Really confused.
  3. I still have family there that notify me to pick up mail....
  4. Dx: Address hasn’t changed Was able to get my letters from the original address... never in writing informed them of any change just this email posted above... Andyorch: the email subject was just their internal reference number, not account number or balance Slick: just their internal reference number, send them statute barred letter ?
  5. I was just worried about that particular email that I sent last year, if it would be seen as acknowledgement of debt
  6. Yeah defo sure on the 20th October 2011, phoned them up today and got all the details of account. Also Barclay confirmed... cabot is the dca
  7. Barclays credit card I was genuinely going to pay them, not get another ccj. Been advised now to claim statute barred
  8. Last payment to credit card 20th October 2011 was sold to DCA October 2015. No payments until now (13/2/18) Have been speaking on the phone to DCA and sent couple of correspondence emails, with debt reference in subject field. I'm worried that in one of my emails I may have accepted liability? just being paranoid This what I wrote.... may 2017 Hi, I've not had a chance to contact you because I've had problems with my housing situation. I had to move out of my friends where I had been living for the last 2 months.. I've found another place to live temporarily...
  9. It's still a lot of money to pay back when I'm not currently in secure employment... I'm doing a zero hours contract job. Somerimes I'm only doing 5-10hours a week. I also live and care for my elderly mother with disabilities.. Also wouldn't offering to pay them admit liability for this debt?
  10. Is there any chance they would have found documents to support their case and make another CCJ claim? Just being cautious.... Thanks for the rapid response. Keep up the fantastic work, its much appreciated I have donated in the past and will do again... Invaluable place for advice. Is there any chance they would have found documents to support their case and make another CCJ claim? Am I just being paranoid?....
  11. This is a update of a old thread which might be of interest. After filing the defence I shortly after got a letter stating that Mortimer Clarke had received my defence. It went on to say that they were taking their clients instructions and would come back to me as soon as possible. In the meantime the matter was placed on hold. I also received a letter from the court that the claimant had 28 days to contact the court to proceed. If that period elapsed the claim would be stayed and they would have to apply to the judge to lift the stay. Fast forward 13 months....
  12. To confirm issue date of claim was 27th may 2015.......when should I file the defense..... in-case they do unearth something? Any ideas? Do I have to file by 12 tonight?
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