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  1. A manager from the W/O team called me on Tuesday to say that as far as he was concerned they had done nothing wrong and it was my fault for rejecting a repair! I tried to tell him that I did NOT refuse a repair but told the engineer what I had been advised on the 26th ie it was a write off. He was totally not interested kept repeating himself and talking over me. I was almost in tears and told him it was making me ill his reply was to laugh and say ' it won't change my decision to which I replied 'I was not looking for sympathy' just justice. I had to end the call as I was getting upse
  2. Totally disgusted in 1st claim against my policy in 8 years. Machine broke, called 5.8.14 no engineer until 12.8.14 said I need new drum. lots of calls to Know How and Hoover to be told on the 26.8.14 by Know How that I had been let down on so many points that she requested that my machine be written off (backed by a Manager) more calls to see when I could get a new machine. Then on 28.8.14 engineer phoned to say he was at my house to do repair, I advised him what I had been told by Know How 2 days previous. Now turns out that they have classed me as refusing a repair and writ
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