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  1. Its all very well posters saying the "code" enables you to do this and that but who is the body that ENFORCES THE CODE OF ACCURATE BILLING for an individual domestic customer????? In my view the unenforceable "code" is not worth a carrot.
  2. Thanks dx100uk downloaded internet explorer 9 again reset in advanced no change reset compatability mode-think compatability mode could be problem-will try to pinpoint problem-Any ideas on my other thread about "BG and Code of Accurate Billing" ???
  3. The site does not say"he (Chris Weston) still works for BG" it says that he has "resigned" this is also consistent with the the Aggreko announcement. BG refuse to produce the particulars and details of their current acting CEO. I can find no posts on the CAG website where British Gas has been forced to provide bills in accordance with the "Code of Accurate Billing"-typing in "British Gas or otherwise"-Anyone know any different
  4. Desktop unable to download spellchecker as well:-(
  5. Thanks for the reply have chacked your link it says "Chris was appointed to the Board on 1 July 2009. Chris submitted his resignation in May 2014" further if you check the Aggreco at -aggreko.com/media-centra/press-releases/aggreko-announces-the"]aggreko.com/media-centra/press-releases/aggreko-announces-the[/url] -appointment-of-chris-weston-as-chief-executive-officer/ it says "29th May 2014 Aggreko announces the appointment of Chris Weston as Chief Executive Officer" as posted earlier I am still awaiting the particulars and details of their CEO from British Gas. I would be grateful if you could direct me to any posts were British Gas enforcement of the Code of Accurate Billing was acheived by the suggested actions or otherwise
  6. hi thanks for the image in my case there is nothing below the dialogue box so cannot post
  7. MP can write letter to BG-BG can ignore-MP cannot enforce "Code of Accurate Billing." OFGEM will not act for an individual domestic energy customer-prefer to bury their head in sand- OFGEM will not enforce "Code of Accurate Billing" for an individual domestic energy customer. Both cannot stop any BG court action or disconnection for an individual domestic energy customer- Any comments appreciated
  8. The problem seems to be if I am logged in I am unable to reply to posts the only options are "+ Reply to thread" above dialouge box (there is no advanced options) which then wipes out text when clicked.The only way that I can post is to log out and back in again then I get an additional option of "reply with quote" then can post is this right? or am I missing any settings?
  9. SARs have been made-no success-claims of deletions and no records -
  10. Thanks for your reply rebel11 have read your links but does not say how to or who is responsible for the enforcement of the "code of accurate of billing." Have gone through the BG complaints process and the Energy Ombudsman Services complaints process who upheld my complaints. Parts of the recommendations by the EOS were that BG were to pay me compensation and produce a full and detailed statement of accounts in accordance with the "Code." BG have refused to comply. Have complained further to EOS who have buried their head in the sand. My understanding is that Chris Weston has left BG and gone to Aggreko an massive energy generator who supply BG. Have repeatedly sent recorded delivery letters to BG including requesting details and address of CEO-no response to letters. dx100uk- BG falsely claim that I owe them in excess of £500 the reality is that they owe me substantial refunds and compensations including EOS compensation. The full amounts can only be determined once they produce full and detailed bills in compliance with the "Code of Accurate Billing" which they refuse to do so. Have requested full details and particulars of any contracts that BG allege that I have signed or consented to BG again refuse to supply. Any feedback appreciated haven't quite worked out the reply post system yet !!!
  11. new to CAG able to post new threads but unable to reply to posts received to the thread only option is "quick reply" and on click available is "new thread" which wipes out my post reply-whats going on???
  12. Does anyone know how who can FORCE British Gas to provide bills that comply with the Code of Accurate Billing??? Does anyone know how to force British Gas to provide copies of domestic energy contracts that they have imposed on you without your consent??? Does anyone know how you can force British Gas to allow you to switch when they have manufactured and fabricated an alleged debt against you??? British Gas threatening to disconnect Any responses appreciated
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