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  1. morning Firstly I have mental health issues, I was on DLA full rate care and mobility until around 2 years ago when it all stopped suddenly I went to court to appeal but lost the appeal I am in the ESA support group. I have been seeing a mental health worker for a few months during which time my arrears have built up. i don't open mail and can't cope basically i owe just shy of 80,000 to Kensington, I have a court order in place from 2011 which stated I have to pay £9 per month off my arrears since march I haven't managed to keep to this the DWP pay £155.44, per month expected payment £200.20 £9 off arrears court order i was upto date although in arrears if you see what I mean til march/april as an idea i was 969 in arrears 01 01 2010 i reduced this to £321 at its lowest in feb of this year but has now crept up to £591 they have charged me £50 per month monthly arrears fee they charged me £60 for a field agent who knocked on my door unannounced but I cancelled the 2nd visit they have charged almost £2000 court fees and solicitors costs between 2011 and 2012 what can I do I feel I can't fight any more the hassle they give me when I ring and the way they are so argumentative puts me off ringing to sort things out I feel suicidal right now because of this The council have sent a letter giving me the names of 2 solicitors Where do I go from here court hearing 2pm monday I actually don't have a penny so can't make a payment my income is £162 per week from this £19.45 deductions for gas £21.65 for electricity £38.86 for housing costs which forms the DWP payment £8.70 for water I have £130 every 2 weeks to live on I am single thanks and any advice on where to turn to would be greatly received
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