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  1. Thanks for all your good advice, it has been really helpful, and I will I think need to get some urgent legal advice about how to word it = already told have V good case by solicitor but due to changing House insurance companies problem with funds at moment and don;t want to pay out too much so prepared to do alone. One very minor thing though that intrigues me but I have looked everywhere for and cannot find an answer is if senior manager sends an email and implies a misuse of public funds that is totally false and obviously just used to intimidate me - is this any breach at all - in context documented disabled due to stress anxiety and depression etc As I say minor in overall scheme..
  2. Dear all, I am currently filling in my ET1 form which needs to be done in next week - ahhhh the stress of it!! My case is very long but involves disability discrimination - stress anxiety and bullying and migraines and constructive unfair dismissal (last straw) and breaches of contract and failure to follow grievance procedures etc etc How do I word this on the form? - do I just say I was discriminated at each of the points I feel I was even though some are back in time although all part of same Sorry for the lack of detail but too long to explain all. Also ref teachers pay and failure to give a pay rise for five years even though in contract is a breach of contract but how would this be worded? Thanks for any advice.
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