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  1. Just a quick update. I emailed the CEO's office as suggested in other posts and Got a call back. VM are sticking to their guns and won't back down or accept a compromise. They say they don't make a profit on a contract until at least 2 years which is why they have these charges. They won't tell me about new tenants due to data protection. He referred me back to the legal section of their website. I don't see terms that directly apply to this scenario but see the terms they are relying on. The position I am in now is as I have gone to the top the only way to take it further is to go to CISAS for adjudication. I still think I have a case. I wondered if anyone had experience of similar cases and going to adjudication? I tried to look up online for cases similar but can't find any taken this far. I want to make sure even if I lose people are aware of these terms before taking out their contracts.
  2. Hi I am having some issues with Virgin Media and would appreciate some advice. I took out a contract with VM in February of this year when we moved house into rented property. It was an 18 month contract for phone and broadband only. Then in July we were given the opportunity to purchase a property on a government scheme in a new housing development which we did. I had hoped to transfer the contract over but VM said they couldn't supply me in the new property so I would have to cancel the contract but they would charge me £240 for the pleasure of doing that (the remaining months on the contract) I felt this was unfair as they can't supply me and I would have taken the service with me. I also have heard they turned down the option to install cables to the estate which would have allowed them to supply me. I cancelled the contract, cancelled my direct debit and wrote to their complaints department. To which I got a letter addressed to my new address informing me they only agree to supply the property at start of contract not the person therefore I have to pay up. I still don't think this right and refused to pay. I sent the equipment back. Then I didn't hear anything from then for a month. Yesterday I get a call from debt collection company saying they are chasing the outstanding fee. I am told the VM have written to me a number times but turns out these letters went to my old address as that's all they have on record. That isn't the case as they have written to me in current property. They also have my email address they could have written to me at but didn't. Generally I am fed up with VM and won't be going back even if they can supply me in the future. I would like some advice on where to complain to next, on what grounds and if I have a case. I was thinking that they can only charge me to cover their losses not a loss of income. The term in the T&CS sounds like a penalty clause which isn't enforceable in court. Mike
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