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  1. Hi there. Where to start? I'm a busy mum of 2 who has just graduated (First Class honors but I still can't even take care of my own affairs account wise, I hang my head in shame!) and I have a MOUNTAIN of catching up on life to do. Firstly sorting out my financial affairs and what the hell is that I have been paying out each month if its not a direct debit??!! I (apparently) joined Credit Expert back in 2008! I don't even remember joining, I assume i spur of the moment signed up for the free months trial and didn't read the T's and C's. I have never used this site although I logged in once in 2010, I don't remember this either, maybe I came across my login details and wondered what it was or perhaps I opened a link in an email, I have no idea. I am have currently been paying £9.99 per month, though I am sure back in 2008 it probably wasn't as much as that. I called today and cancelled my account, I have a few days left to use it, but I am scared to login in case they reactivate my account or charge me, after all, they have my card details! I enquired as to why I couldn't cancel this direct debit and he said it wasn't a DD OR standing order but a credit card payment that they take each month. So how could I have been charged all this time when numerous cards would have since expired and changed numbers? Because visa have passed on my new details each time, he said. Wow Visa, thanks for looking out for me! So, the question is, can I claim back any of the money I have wasted? Does anyone know how much of the £9.99 payment was insurance that I didn't ask for? Or the previous amount I would have signed up for? ( I think someone said it was £6.99 p/m back then for the service, what of that would have been insurance?) I feel like I have totally been taken for a mug and a I am angry with myself that I have not been paying enough attention to my accounts. As it's not listed on my DD or Standing order page I have totally missed the boat on this each month probably looking it over as a generic card payment. Can anyone advise me? I would like to claim back but not sure of the order of my steps here. Does anyone have a nice bullet point formula for success that I (WE!) can use as a fools guide. I see some template letters here, would you recommend these or add or subtract any thing from them? I feel in over my head and would love nothing more than to scoop a cheque up from this to ease the ridiculous amount I have wasted paying them for a service I haven't even used. I don't even have any cards or catalogues or loans or anything like that because I don't want to get in debt. It's ironic that I have paid them hundreds of pounds for this! Any help much appreciated A
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