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  1. Hi, I'm about to make a claim for missold PPI on a Welcome Finance loan sold that was sold to MKDP in 2010, it is definitely statute barred ( sure of that). I wanted to know if FSCS rules are different that with normal lenders, if I put the claim in will they be able to offset the refund against the debt? As far as I'm aware, a company can't offset a PPI refund against a debt that has been sold to an external DCA (in this case MKDP). I would be grateful for any help with this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Here is my response from them: Investigation Outcome and Conclusions Having reviewed the information I have available I am unable to uphold your complaint. The reason for this is that when assessing your loan application Uncle Buck used data from Lending Metrics, who provide real time data to assess your credit worthiness and affordability along with information you provided on your application. Uncle Buck displays warning messages that its loans are unsuitable for longer term borrowing and this is also explained in our adequate explanations document. If a customer wish
  3. Hi, I've just complained to Uncle Buck for a similar situation to yourself. I also received a final response which also mentions Lending Metrics, can you post the full response from them? Maybe they are just fobbing complaints off with a standard template letter re responsible lending? They decided not to uphold my complaint because they used Lending Metrics and they warn customers of the consequences of taking a loan before they apply, their complaint didn't address most of the points I made on my complaint, they glossed over most of the points I made and it looks to me like I've just be
  4. Thanks for the reply. How can they register a default against me on the 19th of December when I'd entered into an arrangement to pay, made the first payment in December then didn't pay what was due on 31st January. Surely the date of the default is incorrect if I didn't actually default until the latest 31st January? The information that the creditor shares with the CRA's has to be a true reflection of the account at the time and as far as I can see from ICO information the information on my credit file doesn't accuratly reflect what happened with the account.
  5. Hi, I had a loan from Mr Lender in June, I rolled the loan over five times but when it came to paying the whole thing off in one go I couldn't afford it, I missed the payment on 19th December 2013. I set a payment arrangement for three months to pay the debt off, I made the first payment in december with the next one being due at the end of January which I didn't pay and made no further payments. They sold the debt to Motormile Finance in march and I am still to hear from them. I've checked my credit file and it shows a record of the Mr Lender accoun
  6. Hi guys thanks for the replies, But I just woke up this morning and a cheque for the whole amount offered has arrived!! I'm made up as I said I could really do with the money. If there is anyone else out there not claiming on an old unpaid loan then I say there is nothing to loose and a lot to gain. Thanks guys
  7. Hi guys this is my first post, I took a loan with Natwest in 2007 and was told when applying that I must take the PPI to get the loan. A year later I cancelled the PPI and made a complaint to RBS, it took them 12 weeks to investigate and they didn't uphold my complaint, they said that they couldn't locate the call records but as I had signed for the loan that meant I had signed for the PPI and was aware of it. At the time I had been having money problems which was a reason for me trying to get a refund of the payments at the time, Natwest eventually defa
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